---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --SQUADRON MEETING 
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------         -- 
Our next Arlington Composite Squadron Meeting 
will be: 17 OCT 2019 

Note: There will be no meeting on Oct 31st.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Gabriela Evertsz Pulgar, C/1st Lt, CAP
Arlington Composite Squadron Cadet Commander

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
WAWG AFA CyberSecurity
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --Important dates for future CyberSecurity opportunities:

CyberCamp - Summer 2020 - a WAWG AFA CyberCamp will 
be organized for the end of July, and for similar prices as this year (Full-time Student Cadets $310, Off-site Student Cadets $130, Staff Cadets & SM $170). Note that we might need to make some price adjustments depending on the hotel 
quotes of summer 2020. Camp will be opened to cadets 
and senior members interested in learning about 
cybersecurity and/or to start or join a team in their units. 
So plan your budget and your schedule in advance to be 
able to attend.

I would like to thank everyone who helped organizing this camp and/or who volunteered to come and help, and 
especially to those who registered to our first attempt to 
doing a cybercamp in Washington.

I apologize for the inconveniences that this cancellation 
might cause you,and I look forward to working with you in 
the near future.

Best regards,

Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education
Washington All Mission Academy - Aerospace Education Officer
Washington Wing CyberCamp Director 

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
WAWG Radio Communications Classes in September at Washington All Missions Academy (WAMA) 2019
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
Radio Communications classes at WAMA 2019
The next semester of ES courses at the Washington All
 Mission Academy will commence in September. It is our 
intention to provide an ICUT class and a Mission Radio 
Operator class in October and November. Any Wing member 
fully qualified to teach either class should contact me, the ES 
Training Director for WAMA. Candidates will be vetted and 
approved through the Wing Director of Communications, and need 
to have a talent for instructing our students both cadets and 
seniors. Need instructor applications as soon as possible. For anyone interested in attending these classes as a student - please check the WAMA calendar next 
month. The calendar is found under activities on the Wing 
webpage. The September WAMA/ES class will tentatively be on WMIRS, and is open to anyone with a valid GES rating.

Lt Col Karl Moore - WAMA ES Training Director

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Washington Wing Glider Program Update
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
Our Washington Wing Glider Program is up and running at Camp Boucher in Ephrata, WA.

We have hosted 2 Orientation and Senior training flights weekend events since the opening event in August.

On the weekend of September 14th and 15th Cadets and Seniors from Wing Headquarters and 7 Squadrons attended.

16 cadets flew O Flights. Most cadets were able to receive more than one O Flight.

One senior flew 6 training flights in preparation for his glider Form 5 check ride as a glider O Flight pilot.

On the weekend of September 21st and 22nd the Glider Program hosted a Senior Member Training event.

Seniors from Wing Headquarters and 5 Squadrons attended.

6 Senior members flew a total of 20 training flights in preparation to become qualified to assist with the glider program O Fights for cadets.

4 cadets from the Columbia Basin Squadron volunteered as ground crew members both days.

We will be flying again on the weekend of October 12th and 13th in conjunction with a WAMA training weekend. Cadet O Flights as well as senior training flights are planned.

At the end of the October weekend we will be de rigging our
 2 gliders and putting them in their trailers in preparation for relocation to the mechanic for their required annual 
inspection and winter storage.

We will be scheduling O Flight events starting in March or 
April next year depending on the weather. We will be scheduling events 2 weekends a month.

Watch for announcements on our Wing web site in the "Activities/WAMA " and “Activities/Glider Orientation 
Flights" sections.

We will be asking Squadrons to bring a van, a senior driver 
and 4 to 5 cadets to arrive on Friday evening to fly on 
Saturday and return home Saturday afternoon and a second group to arrive Saturday evening to fly on Sunday.

Registration will be handled on line with the registration and instructions available on the Wing web site. The fees are posted on the web site.

Our plan is to give every cadet in our Wing their first glider O Flight and give cadets additional glider O Flights and training to introduce them to the world of aviation and encourage 
them to attend the Flight Academy and pursue a career in aviation.

We are continuing with the implementation of the plan to get additional Senior Glider flight Team members qualified to support both O Flights and our Flight Academy next year.

Senior members interested in participating should contact Captain Mike Gilbreath at

If you have questions, review the program overview on the Wing web site in the “Activities/Glider Orientation Flights” section.

Michael Talley Major, CAP
Washington Wing Glider Program Manager

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
sUAS Presentation at the 
12-13 OCT 2019 WAMA
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
There will be a special presentation on the subject of “small Unmanned Aerial Systems” (sUAS) at the 12 -13 October 2019 Washington All Mission Academy. 
Registration is now open via the Wing Activities web site for WAMA. This is a activity open to both cadets and seniors. 

Registration can be done via . The course is listed under Emergency Services training as 
“sUAS 101”

The activity will be in two segments.

Segment one is an overall presentation involving a comprehensive overview on drones and their worldly uses in recreation/hobby flying, commercial enterprises, Hollywood, drone league racing, law enforcement, disaster relief, the Military, and search and rescue. Of course we are going to discuss what the Civil Air Patrol is doing with drones in it’s 
three missions. This segment will also cover the process of acquiring an FAA Remote Pilot license under FAA Part 107. 
Note that this presentation is not a Part 107 class. Leading 
this segment will be LtCol Karl Moore, WAWG sUAS
 instructor and UAV Check Pilot.

Segment two will be information focusing on our Wing’s 
sUAS Mission Pilot and sUAS Mission Technician certification programs. It will be an opportunity to learn what we are 
currently doing to meet CAP National HQ’s requirement to establish sUAS teams ready for deployment in response to any crisis/disaster. There will also be an opportunity for UAV flight check rides, depending on the weather. The lead on this segment is Captain Carl Wiley, the WAWG Program Officer for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and Wing Aerial Photographer Training Officer.

There is limited space so register as soon as possible. Please indicate in the remarks block of the registration page if you already have an FAA issued UAS license (re: Part 107).

Lt. Col. Karl Moore, CAP
Emergency Services Training Officer
Washington Wing HQ

------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Squadron Leadership School (SLS)
12-13 OCT 2019 Registration Open and Instructors Needed
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
SLS Oct 12-13 WAMA (Still need more instructors)

Squadron Leadership School
October 12-13 at WAMA

WAMA is now open to registration...
If interested complete CAPF 17 with Commander signature 
and register online with WAMA.

Still need instructor for SLS on Sunday for: 
0830 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
1000 The Staff Officer as Communicator

Please help

Very Respectfully,
Major Jim Kelly, CAP
SLS Director
(C) 509.724.6019

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
76th Basic Marksmanship Safety 
Activity Registration is Open!
18-20 OCT 2019
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
Basic Marksmanship Safety Activity 76 (October 18-19-20 2019)

Save this date! October 18-19-20 2019

The 76th Basic Marksmanship Activity Registration is now 
open! All approvals have been received from Washington 
Wing HQ.

Register Here:

In Preparation for registration you will want to download and
 fill out the attached forms and documents. Read them 
carefully, fill in every block and most importantly get your squadron commander and parents permission signatures.

Without commander and parent permission you will not be accepted to this activity!

If you are coming to the activity from outside Washington 
Wing, you must have your Wing Commander permission 
(Check with your chain of command for permissions needed!)

These forms will need to be completed, signed, and scanned 
to your computer before you begin the registration process.

The forms will be uploaded during the registration process 
and it is important that you have them complete prior to beginning your registration.

110% ALL the WAY!

Maj. Daniel Whalen
Squadron Commander
Lewis County Composite Squadron
(M) 360-525-0494

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
WAWG Cadet Competition Registration is Open
25-27 OCT 2019
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --Registration will close 12 October at 2359 so make sure you start coordinating with your squadron to make sure you are 
on the travel team. Payment information and an information 
letter regarding the competition can be found on the 
Washington Wing website under the Cadet Competition 
section of the Activities drop-down tab. Competition begins Friday 25 Oct and goes until Sunday 27 Oct in Yakima. Every member of the team and both Senior Escorts should register 
for the competition. Cost for Cadets is $30 and $25 Senior Members. 

Follow this link to register for the competition! 
Follow this link to the information letter

Capt Zachary Cobb, CAP
Washington Wing Cadet Activities Officer
WAWG Cadet Competition Director
(c) (509)-629-0805


We have encountered a situation that rarely happens at Camp Boucher. Our dorm for our female senior members is at 
capacity for the October session. That dorm presently accommodates 5 beds which are not "stacked bunks". The space in that dorm will allow for one more bed and we are working to set one up. After that one is filled, we may have to utilize space in the female cadet dorm, if space allows. That dorm does have "stacked bunks" and we currently have 8 
beds available, however, priority must be given to female 
cadet students and staff. 

After the 6th bed is filled, we will have to place female senior member registrants on a standby-by list for billeting only. In 
that case, it will be necessary to make arrangements for 
billeting at a local hotel. Registration for off-site billeting is 
a reduced fee of $30.00. 

If you have already registered as an on-site student, and 
would like to change your status to "off-site", please notify 
me ASAP and we will adjust your registration fee accordingly and credit the difference back to your card.

First come ... first served for the last bed!

If you have any questions or need assistance in locating a 
hotel, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lt Col Keith J. Weber, CAP
Administrative Officer
Washington All Mission Academy
Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol
(C) 509.431.5702
(H) 509.785.2896
(O) 509.785.7085

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Field Emergency Services Training (FEST) 25-27 October 2019
GTM3 Qualified or Higher
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          -October FEST!!!! 25-27 October 2019 - 
Limited to GTM3 Qualified or Higher

Our team is excited to offer another training opportunity supporting Civil Air Patrol's Emergency Services mission!

If you do NOT have GTM3 qualification or higher, 
do not register. We will need a minimum of 10 students 
to make this a "go".

- Emphasis will be on minimizing classroom 
(through efficiency) and MAXIMIZING field time for our 
ground team training modules!

October's offering: 
1. Ground Team Member 3, 2 & 1 - depending on need (We customize training based on SQTRs of attendees)

This session will reinforce land navigation and search techniques, with an all day exercise on Saturday. Long navigation courses and use of local maps will be on the agenda. I have invited Snohomish County Search Dogs to participate and we may have another surprise or two for you!

Sunday will have further map reading work and a Train-the-Trainer session, so we may building up your presentation 
skills and broaden our instructor base. All students will have 
a chance to give a presentation.

Senior officers are welcome to bring RV's, we have electric/water hookups at NO charge. You must notify the Project Officer, so we may reserve your parking spot. Seniors may also bring tents, or prepare to sleep in vehicles. Otherwise, all cadets will be housed 
as first priority for buildings. Cots to be provided. Ground team trainees will build shelters, weather permitting. All cadets to be prepared for shelter building!

Communications on Site
There is no cell phone or internet service once you are East of Granite Falls, so download our directions BEFORE leaving home! Reporting instructions will be issued prior to FEST start date.

The Basics: 
subject to registration guidelines

Current fiscal year offerings and deadlines on the 
registration page of the link below

Where  Join us just East of beautiful downtown Granite Falls on 
245 acres of FEST heaven! See you there!


 Register no later than 18 OCT 2019 - go to web page link 
below for all the specifics! Yes, there are REQUIREMENTS!

Questions can be directed to me (FEST Project Officer) at:
Lt Col Teresia Sayler, CAP
WA Wing Emergency Services - Ground Training Officer

-------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --  
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
54th Annual Auburn Veteran's Day Parade Registration is Open!
09 NOV 2019
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
9 November - 54th Annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade

We need your assistance. Registration is OPEN for the 54th Annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade!

We are less than a week away and we need your help.

Registration open for the following:

· Color Guard
· Marching Support (parade)
· Flight Commander for Cadets (parade)
· Photographers (parade)

Click on this link for all of the details!

Auburn, Washington is designated by the Veterans Day 
National Committee and the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a Regional Site for the celebration of Veterans Day 2019. Auburn is proud to be a Vietnam War Commemorative Partner. Auburn has hosted the Veterans Day Parade since 1965. Now 
in its 54th year, the parade has grown into one of the largest Veteran's Day parades in the United States of America.

The purpose of Auburn's Veterans Day Parade is to positively focus on honoring our country's veterans and active military personnel. Through our parade, we focus recognition on congressionally-recognized Veteran Service Organizations 
and their auxiliaries, the military and reserve military, National Guard and ROTC. The goals and purposes of Auburn's 
Veterans Day Parade are to give honor to our country's 
military personnel and veterans and to their military missions
 of defending freedom around the world.

The 54th annual Veterans Day Parade will be held in Auburn on Saturday, November 9 at 11:00 AM The parade boasts almost 300 units and nearly 6,000 parade participants, including 30+ high school marching bands, military vehicles, veterans' units, honor guards and more.

Green River Composite Squadron in Auburn is the hosting squadron. If you have any questions, please contact 
Capt Alex Lepeska.

To register, click on this link -

Thanks in advance for your help.

Capt Alex Lepeska, CAP
Green River Composite Squadron, PCR-WA-002
Squadron Commander

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Corporate Learning Course (CLC) WAMA Instructors Needed
9-10 NOV 2019
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          -
I will be conducting the Corporate Learning Course (CLC) at WAMA for the November session, 9-10 November.
I am in need of qualified instructors! Please let me know if you are available to teach, thanks so much

Lt Col Russell Garlow, CAP
(C) 425-876-5594

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Registration for the Washington Wing 2019 Fall Workshop & Banquet 16 NOV 2019 is Open
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
Join us for exciting officer and cadet workshops, fun activities, and great food.

Register by October 15 to save $5!

Preliminary Schedule
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM Check in / Registration
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM General All Member Workshops
12:00 PM - 5:30 PM Cadet Workshop (cadets!)
5:30 PM - 6:00 PM Officer's Banquet Reception (Officers Only)
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Banquet
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Cadet Dance
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Officer's Nightcap Social

Ticket sales end November 1, 2019 at 2000 hrs
Follow our Facebook event
Send questions to

Cadet staff applications are now open!
Staff applications must be submitted to Capt Zachary Cobb by 26 September at 2359 and should include a cover letter and resume.

The following cadet staff positions are available:
Cadet Commander (C/2d Lt and above):
The duty of the cadet commander is to maintain 
accountability of all cadets throughout the conference/workshop. They will also be tasked with helping to come up with what courses 
and classes will be available to cadets.

Cadet Deputy Commander (C/2d Lt and above):
The cadet deputy commander is meant to work in conjunction with the cadet commander in performing the necessary tasks getting ready for conference. During the conference, the cadet deputy commander will work with the cadet commander in running the cadet portion of the conference. Workshop 
schedule coming soon!


---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Winter Raptor IV Cadre Announcement
28 DEC 2019 - 04 JAN 2020
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --

Registration closes 23 November at 2359

Staff arrival is 1000-1700 26 DEC 2018

Student arrival is 1400 28 Dec 2019 with graduation at 
1100 4 Jan 20. Early arrival is authorized.

Students, If traveling by air, plan to arrive at PDX prior to 1100. Transport will be provided. Please plan your departure flight 
 on 4 Jan 19 after 1600 to allow for transportation to PDX 
(2 hours 30 minutes) and check in and TSA

If you are flying to the activity, please send your flight 
numbers, airline, arrival time at PDX and departure time from PDX, and dates for your flights to:

If using the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) scholarship to pay for encampment, cadets are not accepted until National Headquarters has approved your scholarship. 
You may pay now and if you receive a scholarship, a refund 
will be initiated.

Marco A. Desimone, C/Lt Col, CAP
Winter Raptor IV Cadet Commander
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
C: 253-736-4334

------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -