You're Invited to Arlington Composite Squadron's In-Person and Virtual Meeting
Meeting Description: 

WHEN: Thursday, June 24, 2021 ⋅ 6:00 – 8:30 pm

WHERE: Armed Forces Reserve Center, 
13613 40th Avenue NE, Marysville, WA 98271

UOD: Cadets: Dress Blues Seniors: Working Uniform

Note: (For those who are attending the meeting in person, 
please make sure to follow the guidelines. 
Members who can't make it in person, can join in Virtually.

If you have any questions, please forward them up the chain of command.


1st Lt Rodney Greenwood, CAP
Squadron Commander


sUAS Technician and Mission Pilot training 06 June 2021
Anyone interested in getting into Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) with CAP?

On Sunday 06 June, we will be at Overlake Composite Squadron, 17230 NE 95th St Redmond, WA 98052, for training and practice flying as well as some basic classroom instruction. If you are already a drone pilot or want to learn what CAP has going for 
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems you can be part of this training.
The day will have both a classroom session for those that are new to drones and want to become part of a sUAS team and hands on training with an instructor on skills and steps to become either a sUAS Technician or a sUAS Mission Pilot.
Please reply directly to me to discuss what you want to get done.

In order to prevent too large a group at one time, There will be a 0900 to 1300 group and a 1300 to 1700 group.

If you have your own drone you would like to fly, I will send you a Hold Harmless Agreement so you can do so.

In addition we are planning an exercise in Eastern Washington the weekend of 12 & 13 June and another in Western Washington on 26 & 27 June. More details will be coming out later.

Thank you,
Capt Carl Wiley, CAP
WAWG Program Officer for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)
Aerial Photographer Training Officer
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Virtual Training Leaders of Cadets Intermediate Course 19 June 21 Register today!
Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Intermediate Course

Saturday June 19th, 2021

Do you work with cadets? 
Do you want to become more effective at mentoring them 
and managing squadron level cadet programs? 
Are you a squadron commander or Deputy Commander for 
Cadets? or just want to build on what you leaned in the TLC Basic Course? Then register for the Training Leaders of 
Cadets Intermediate Course being hosted by Washington Wing. Some of the topics covered during the course
• Understanding the millennial generation
• Supporting special needs cadets
• Helping cadets develop habits of self-criticism and self-development
• Employing constructive discipline
• Getting the most from wing and national-level activities for your cadets
· Eligibility: Senior Members who have completed Level I. 
· Squadron Commanders, Deputy Commanders for Cadets and Senior members enrolled in the cadet programs specialty track and/or graduates of the TLC Basic Course are preferred (prior completion of TLC- Basic IS NOT REQUIRED)
· Date & Time: 0845 (Log in and tech check, Class starts 
promptly at 0900) till 1730.
· Location: Virtual! Via Goggle Meet
· Uniform: USAF style blues, CAP Distinctive: aviator shirt or CAP polo with gray trousers/slacks. No BDU’s, Flight suits or utility uniforms. Use of Web Cameras are encouraged!

· Fee: FREE!


REGISTRATION DEADLINE 15 June 2021, course is limited to
 a maximum of 18 students. The first 10 to register will be automatedly confirmed, the last 8 spots reserved for current commanders or deputy commanders for cadets. (Others will be placed on a wait list until registration deadline)

STUDENT PREPARATION: Some pre-reading of course  discussion material (provided upon registration)

This course will offer an optional Q and A session with 
Washington Wing Cadet Programs staff, open to all questions 
and focusing on remobilization of cadet membership post 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:
Tim Kelley, Lt Col, CAP
Course Director
Lt Col Tim Kelley, CAP
Cadet Programs Development Officer
Washington Wing
(C) 719.237.8894
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary


2021 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA)

Camp Atterbury, Indiana 25 July to 7 August 2021

This message is being sent to all CAP cadet and senior members that will be at least 13 years of age by the 25th of July.    Applications are still being accepted for the 2021 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) held at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana. It’s not too late to apply. Courses are being  held during our two session weeks from the 25th of July through  7th of August 2021. There are courses for all members interested   in emergency services, and this is a great opportunity for both   new and old members to come train with hundreds of other personnel from across the country that have already signed up      to attend.

Slots fill up fast and will be filled on a first come first served basis. We encourage you to apply soon to get into the course or courses you desire, preferably by the 13th of June as historically most    slots are filled by then, and some courses close sooner because    of the lead time to order necessary supplies and equipment to support students, and to best prepare for cohort groups and risk mitigation measures required for COVID-19. Registration will   remain open as long as we can accept applications though.    Some courses only have a few slots left so we would encourage anyone interested to apply now. Registration is hosted in                e-services, and you will need to login to apply online.   Applications are not complete and cannot be submitted until release forms available online are properly signed and witnessed   (if necessary) and uploaded. Please note that participants can register to take multiple courses back-to- back, but not at the    same time.  Additional information about NESA can be found on  the website along with the downloadable NESA Course Dates.  Start and end dates listed are primarily for travel though  introductory meetings are held the evening on the welcome date and graduation is held the morning of the end date. In addition to our normal complement of courses for ground teams, aircrews,   and the incident staff we have several short courses again this  year to allow personnel to participate if they have limited vacation time or need training in varied areas.

There are also some staff positions still available for the 2021  NESA as well. Staff members are normally prior NESA graduates, but some exceptions may be made by the NESA Director and Course Commandants to ensure the best qualified personnel are used to provide this training. In addition to qualified evaluators in mission specialties for the varied courses, there are specific additional needs that the staff is trying to fill:

- Transportation staff and drivers to support transportation needs across NESA; more drivers are needed in order allow for COVID risk mitigation

- Logistics staff to help manage equipment and supply needs  across NESA

- Qualified Ground Team Members and Leaders to serve in the Ground Search and Rescue School

- Medical staff that are paramedics or registered nurses    preferably, but at least EMTs to assist the Medical Officer

- Public Information Officers and other interested public affairs    staff to support each school and NESA overall

- Personnel to serve as kitchen workers and support the cook     staff and kitchen operations both at Camp Atterbury and at Columbus Municipal Airport

Most staff members arrive the day before the scheduled start     date and depart on the end date, but dates vary by assignment.     A limited number of personnel are needed prior to the 24th of     July and after the 7th of August to assist with setup and closeout  as well; staff members interesting in assisting with this must coordinate with the Director, Deputy Director, Chief of Staff or School Commandants if you are available and willing to do so.

The student registration fee to attend NESA is $95 for the short courses, and $190 for a full course plus all students and staff pay    a separate mandatory $65 fee for NESA t-shirts and hats whether attending one or more sessions. The registration fee includes, meals, lodging on site, printed training materials and aircraft and ground vehicle sortie costs for training on site. Adult members choosing to live offsite on their own are not eligible for a reduced rate and are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from NESA facilities and events.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and   from NESA, though many personnel are able to travel in corporate vehicles and aircraft funded through NESA as they are needed on site for training. Members bringing corporate vehicles and aircraft must get approval in advance and register them with the Transportation Officer at sign-in for insurance coverage and to be reimbursed for fuel expenses incurred during and in route to and from NESA.

There are also a limited number of kitchen scholarships still available; personnel apply to work one week in the kitchen in order to pay for a week of training. If you are interested in this option, complete the scholarship application and upload it when you register.

If you have any additional questions please direct them to the 
 NESA staff at

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 NESA!

Instructors needed Training Leaders of Cadets Intermediate - Virtual course on June 19 2021
Are you an experienced cadet programs officer who has completed TLC? Conformable with virtual meetings? Maybe you also need to check a box for your Master Rating in Cadet Programs?

I have an opportunity for you! Instructor Staff is needed for the Washington Wing Training Leaders of Cadets – Intermediate  course being held via google meet on 19 June 2021.

To volunteer for this opportunity, click here

Thank You!
Lt Col Tim Kelley, CAP
Cadet Programs Development Officer
Washington Wing
(C) 719.237.8894
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

CAP Vaccination and Public Health Measures
We have received information and guidance from 
Maj Gen. Smith regarding Vaccination and Masks.

In accordance with CDC guidelines any CAP Member fully vaccinated, by CDC definition, at least two weeks after completing the full course of vaccination with one of the currently approved vaccines. Will no longer be required to wear a mask, indoors or outdoors.

What does this mean for us?

Any member who is currently fully vaccinated, they will no longer have to wear a mask or social distance while indoor or outside during meetings. Members who are NOT fully vaccinated will have to continue to wear a mask at all times during the meeting. If you
 do not feel comfortable removing your mask at this time that is okay as well.

We can not and will not ask any members if they have been fully vaccinated. But If a member voluntarily discloses that they are 
not vaccinated the member will be expected to wear a face 
mask and continue to socially distance.

Covid vaccines are open to anyone 12 and older.

We will also be continuing regular health checks weekly as we 
have been each week. If you are at all feeling under the weather please stay home and join us (me) virtually until you feel better. Remember we want to keep our members safe.

Let's remember our integrity, when it comes to making the
 choice of wearing a mask or not. I have attached the memo for your review.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to 
me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you 
may have.


1st Lt Rodney Greenwood, CAP
Squadron Commander
Arlington Composite Squadron
(C) 425-435-7690
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Good evening All,

Applications will be CLOSING VERY SOON for the South 
West Group Cadet NCO Training Day, which has been 
extended to the North West Group as well. This one day
 course is designed to be an interactive day of learning 
and training to prepare Cadet Junior and Senior NCOs with 
the foundations of cadet leadership. Details of this activity 
are as follows:

South West Group Cadet NCO Training DaySaturday, June 5th 20211000 Oakesdale Ave SW #110 Renton, WA 98057Cost: $5Registration Deadline: June 1st!!!

As we move out of the COVID-19 era of virtual learning, it is important that we establish credible cadet NCOs and leaders to teach the cadets of the future. Please see the attached memorandum for more details on this activity. Student 
registrants are open for 30 cadets C/A1C through C/CMSgt
 (priority given to cadet NCOs). Students must have a complete class B blues uniform to attend. Safety will be a huge priority so please view our Renton Composite Squadron Safety 

We are also in need of Cadet Staff members. See the attached memo for details on what positions are available. To apply, fill out the Cadet Staff Application Form and submit a resume by May 27th. We also need your help in advertising this event to your cadets to make this activity as effective as possible.

Senior members interested in serving on staff should contact the Activity Director, Maj Bradley Berger ( 
4-5 other senior members are needed.

Please help us spread the word about this activity to your 
squadron and other cadets in your Group. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you and I hope to see you on the 5th!


C/2d Lt Andrea Balke, CAP
Cadet Deputy Commander, South West Group Cadet NCO 
Training Day
Cadet Deputy Commander for Training, Renton Composite Squadron
(C) 425.516.8843
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

HAB Challenge
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cadets of the Arlington Squadron are going to space!Our unit has been selected as one of a select few throughout the nation to participate in the High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Challenge. Sponsored by StratoStar, and championed by Col Joe Kittinger, cadets will be challenged to create and send payloads to the edge of space at over 100,000 feet.Lt Col Edgerton has volunteered to assist me as Mission 
focals to guide this effort. But this is all about you cadets! Every cadet is invited to participate.

A link that shows how this balloon works:

Then an interactive VR video of the flight itself. Use your mouse or phone to look around at every stage of the flight.

Your challenge? Create multiple experiments, hypothesize about what will happen to it when it experiences the near-vacuum and bright light at altitude, then receive it back for analysis and reports. If one of your experiments shows outstanding value for science 
and creativity, you may be the National champion!

Lt Col Kittinger, who I was honored to know as part of the North American Eagle land speed project, has offered the Kittinger Cup
 to the winning squadron, along with a $5000 grant!

So, where to start? We have two full AE sessions to develop our experiments before the launch date of August 11. I will not be able to update you in person this week, as I will be attending the
 kickoff for this project on Thursday evening. However, I will 
provide an overview on our June 3 meeting. Stay tuned for more emails as well, I will keep everyone updated as events start to unfold. I will also give you some parameters for experiments, so 
all have plenty of time to start thinking of things to create.

Please enjoy this video as well, of what it is like to jump out of a balloon at 120,000 feet!


Lt Col Russell Garlow, CAP
(C) 425-876-5594
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Cowlitz County POD Mission VOLUNTEERS
Good afternoon Washington Wing,

WAWG continue to support the Cowlitz County Vaccination 
POD. The clinic is expanding the number of vaccinations provided. As a result, we are looking for additional CAP members to assist. If interested, please review the 
information below.

Location: Cowlitz County Fairgrounds, 
Longview WA 

Days of Operation: Sunday, May 16

Volunteer Hours of Operation: 0800-1800, 
Note: We have usually been able to leave no later than 1730. 
Lunch is provided from 1200-1300

Shifts: 0800-1230, 1230-1800, or all day. If volunteering for an afternoon shift and wish to eat lunch, please arrive by 1215.

UOD: ABU's, or Polo. Weather is variable, please plan 
accordingly. Shelters are provided at most duty stations.

Members eligible: This mission is open to seniors and cadets 
(cadet supervision is provided)

Transportation – You must provide your own transportation to 
and from the clinic location. Units are free to coordinate their 
own transportation and use COVs as needed. There is no fuel reimbursement for this activity.

Duties: Traffic direction and scribing. Will stand for long periods 
of time.

Meals: Lunch is provided for volunteers, as well as snacks and 

Point of Contact: 
Lt Col Sid Wiggs: for additional information and to sign up for shift(s).Vaccinations: If there are extras at the end of the day volunteers may be able to receive a vaccine. Please remember, this is NOT guaranteed. This clinic is only dispensing the Pfizer vaccine.

Lt Col Sid Wiggs, 
CAP Ft Vancouver Composite Squadron - 
Commander Washington All Mission Academy - Deputy Director 
(C) 503.319.8969 
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary 

IS-0520 Course Available
With the current Pandemic situation world wide it is important to be knowledgeable about how to deal with the issue, and remain safe.
FEMA/NIMS/EMI currently is offering an on-line course titled:
IS-0520 Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas.
This course is free and takes about one hour to complete at home. CAP members that are Emergency Services qualified can have this item added to their CAP 101 card. Members that are not ES qualified can still take this on-line course and have the FEMA 
diploma added to their personnel file.
In addition to this course it is highly recommended that members also complete the FEMA Point of Distribution Course IS-026 if you are assisting in Food Bank support, or at COVID testing/vaccination sites during this current COVID Pandemic.
These two courses are free, take about an hour each to complete, and a only few minutes to upload the diploma into your training records. Contact your unit’s ES Officer for further details on adding these to your ES qualification and training card.
IS-0520 The Pandemic Awareness online course. The purpose of this FEMA course is to provide you with a general understanding of Pandemic influenzas.
The effects that a pandemic can cause on every facet of our 
 Steps your organization can take to minimize a pandemic’s effect.
Explain the differences between seasonal influenza and pandemic influenza.
Relate the effects of a pandemic influenza to daily 
organizational operations and basic services.
Describe strategies for resolving continuity challenges presented in a pandemic situation.

Karl Moore, LtCol, CAP
Emergency Services

King County is offering ICS 100, 200, 300 and 400 Classes
Some *big* news to pass along today regarding a bunch of
 upcoming ICS-400 classes and other ICS classes we are planning to offer throughout 2021:

Read carefully, they have specific information and requirements.

1) ICS-400 classes are here!!! We have currently scheduled *six* ICS-400 classes in the near-term and at least two more throughout the rest of the year. We may add more classes, if we see enough people on the waitlists.

We have also tried to tailor certain sessions to groups that have work-related scheduling issues.

NOTE: All of these are remote-access classes that will be using 
the Zoom video-conferencing system. Because of the amount of 
small-group exercises in this course, unless there are technological hurdles for someone, all students will be **expected** to participate 
in the class with a live video camera during most of the class (even
 if it's just from their cell phone). Here is what we are offering:

a. For anyone: We are finding that taking classes via video-conferencing can be pretty tiring in the typical 8-hour format, so 
these are designed to only take up about half the day. These sessions start on Monday and end on Thursday of the same week. We will be starting at 8:00 AM each day. We will be done by 
12:30 PM each day (and and there will be 10 minute breaks after every 50 minutes of class. Here are the links to the registration
 sites for these classes:

b. For responders that have to take training in 8-hour blocks: This 
is primarily for folks that are on patrol or 24-hour duty schedules (typically police and fire) that would have difficulty getting 
permission to take four days of half-day classes. This class will be
 in the traditional 2 day format. We will start at 8:00 AM every day 
and end at 5:00 PM. There will be 10 minute breaks after every 
50 minutes of class and a lunch break in the middle of each day.

c. For volunteer responders: Our volunteers have regular 9-5 jobs and are usually not able to take our day classes. To try to accommodate their schedules, we are going to offer one class at night. These sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Each class will be spread over six nights, all starting at 6:00 PM. 
We will be done by 9:00 PM each night and there will be 10 minute breaks after every 50 minutes of class. Here are the links to the registration site for this class (unless you are a volunteer responder, *PLEASE* do not sign up for this class unless all the other classes are already full):

2) We have also scheduled some additional ICS-300 classes. (We may add more classes, if we see enough people on the waitlists.) 
All of these are remote-access classes that will be using the Zoom video-conferencing system. Because of the number of small-group exercises in the ICS-300 course, unless there are technological hurdles for someone, all students will be **expected** to participate
 in the class with a live video camera during most of the class 
(even if it's just from their cell phone).

These are designed to only take up about half the day. These sessions start on Monday and end on Friday of the same week. 
We will be starting at 8:00 AM each day. We will definitely be done 
by 1:00 PM each day (and likely earlier most days, except Wednesday) and there will be 10 minute breaks after every 50 minutes of class. Here are the links to the registration sites for 
these classes:

3) We are also going to be trying something new... How about 
some refresher / "Just-In-Time" training regarding ICS-100 and 
ICS-200? This will be in the form of 'Lunchtime Lectures' that will spend 30 minutes covering the main points of both of these 
courses and still give you some time to take FEMA's standard 
online test (which takes an additional 10-30 minutes).

This would be a good review if your last ICS-100 or -200 class was
 "a few years ago". This may also be an option if you do not have a lot of spare time at night and on the weekends, but are comfortable learning the material during a very accelerated, 30-minute lecture (webinar) format.

There is *NO* limit to how many people can attend these sessions (so feel free to share this with anyone else in your organization
 that may have an interest), but each person does need to register 
for the session they want to attend.

Full details are available at these registration sites:

ICS-100 (Lunchtime Lecture):

ICS-200 (Lunchtime Lecture):

4) We will also be offering remote-access training sessions 
regarding how to use WebEOC. They are intended for WebEOC users from *any* jurisdiction inside **King County** 
that is currently using WebEOC. (Note: The City of Seattle's implementation of WebEOC is slightly different than the system 
we are offering training for. If you have an account on the City of Seattle's WebEOC system, please reach out to the person that set 
up your account to find out what your training options are.) Here 
are the links to the registration sites for our classes:

Please share this information with anyone else in your organization that needs to know about these training opportunities (and thanks
 for reading all the way to the end).

Best regards,

Eric O’Brien
Training and Exercise Program Manager
King County Emergency Management
Desk: 206-205-4072

WAWG Virtual ICS Training

CAP and Washington Emergency Management Division are working together to provide WAWG virtual ICS training to receive State ICS 300/400 certificates.

If you are interested in being an instructor supporting this contact

You will need:

Latest IS 100/200/700/800 and ICS 300
Mission experience as Branch Director, Section Chief, 
Command Staff

Lt Col Edwin A. Keeney, CAP
Washington Wing Director, Education & Training/Testing Officer
(C) 509-366-4912

Saturday, 05/22 | 1 PM - 4 PM Central Time


Register for the FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum to learn about pathways to professional pilot careers. Students of all ages, their parents, school counselors, non-aviation separating military personnel and career changers are invited. If you have less than

250 hours or no commercial certificate, this is the right
 event for you. The event is FREE.

FAPA will be giving presentations and taking Q & A starting 
at 1 PM Central Standard Time.

You will receive a Zoom Webinar registration link upon registration on Eventbrite. It's a simple two-step process.


FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fairs

If you have more than 250 hours or a commercial certificate, 
you should attend the FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair. Learn more andregister for free here.

May 2021
FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair: Wed 05/26
Returning to In Person Events!
July 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum:
 07/17 | Chicago
August 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum: 
08/21 | Washington, D.C.
September 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum:
09/25 | Dallas/Fort Worth
October 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum: 
10/23 | San Diego
November 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum: 
11/13 | Fort Lauderdale
December 2021
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum: 
12/11 | Phoenix

See all events and registration links:
FAPA Pilot Job Fairs
FAPA Future Pilot Forums

Copyright © 2021, All rights reserved.
FAPA Future Pilot Forums offer free career seminars about pathways to a professional pilot career.

Our mailing address is:
2470 W Horizon Ridge #120
Henderson, NV 89052

The president and CEO of Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology has been selected to serve on Civil Air Patrol’s Board 
of Governors.

Acting Secretary of the Air Force John P. Roth and 
Maj. Gen. Mark Smith jointly appointed Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo to 
join CAP’s top governing board, effective immediately. She 
succeeds retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. George Perry, whose six-year
 term on the board ended on May 31.

“I thank Cmdr. Perry for his leadership on the board and look 
forward to Dr. DeVivo’s service,” said Smith, CAP national commander and CEO.

“Dr. DeVivo has significant executive-level experience in strategic planning and leading through change,” Smith said. “She is well-
suited to help Civil Air Patrol in key areas such as strategic 
planning, enhancing diversity and helping CAP to increase our effectiveness in offering our cadets aviation and other STEM-
related career exploration opportunities.”
DeVivo is well-known and -connected within the aviation academic/university community and was most recently recognized 
for her innovative leadership at the executive level at Vaughn College, founded in 1932 and located in New York City. She is 
the seventh president and the first woman to lead the institution, which serves a diverse student body of about 1,550 students, of whom about 80% are members of minority groups — mostly first-generation Americans and first-generation college students.

Her strategic objective as Vaughn College’s president/CEO the 
past seven years has been to transform teaching and learning and create a unique academic experience both inside and outside the classroom. She has led three strategic planning efforts that have transformed the college from primarily a training institution to one 
that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in aviation, engineering, management and technology.

In a study published in the New York Times, Vaughn College was rated No. 1 in upward mobility out of more than 2,100 colleges and universities nationwide for moving students from the bottom levels
 of income to the top level.

“It is an honor to join this phenomenal organization,” DeVivo said. “CAP’s commitment to serving the next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders, especially those from underserved groups, is what attracted me to this role of service. I look forward to 
supporting the board, the staff and the volunteers in their critical work.”

DeVivo is also chair of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s
 Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force. She 
recently provided congressional testimony about the growing need 
for pilots and aviation maintenance professionals as well as for increased government education funding.

In addition, she is well-connected to and supportive of Civil Air
 Patrol. The New York Wing’s Academy Cadet Squadron meets 
on the Vaughn campus, adjacent to LaGuardia Airport.

DeVivo’s degrees include an associate’s from the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany; a bachelor’s from the State 
University of New York at Albany; a master’s from Fordham University; and a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

CAP’s Board of Governors consists of four Air Force appointees, three members appointed jointly by the secretary of the Air Force 
and CAP’s national commander, and four members-at-large 
selected by the CAP Senior Advisory Group (CSAG). CAP’s 
national commander, national vice commander, executive officer 
and eight region commanders serve as voting members on the CSAG.

Brig. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, Civil Air Patrol’s national vice commander since 2017, is getting yet another promotion — 
the biggest of his 34 years of service in the U.S. Air Force auxiliary.

On May 21, CAP’s Board of Governors selected Phelka to be the volunteer organization’s next national commander and CEO. He
 will assume command Aug. 26 in a ceremony with Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, current national commander/CEO.

Phelka will serve as the organization’s top senior leader for the next three years. He will lead CAP’s 54,000 members across the U.S. in fulfilling the organization’s three primary missions — emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education. In its role as 
the Air Force auxiliary, CAP is a member of the Total Force, filling a critical role in Defense Support of Civil Authorities that includes preserving life, relieving suffering and providing training support.

“I am very pleased that the Board of Governors selected 
Gen. Phelka as CAP’s next CEO and national commander,” said retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Kevin McLaughlin, the board’s chair. “Gen. Phelka brings a vast amount of practical knowledge of all aspects of CAP since he has served as both a cadet and senior member, plus he has proven leadership experience at all levels. 
He is an inspirational leader, trusted and respected by CAP members, and has all the talents necessary to successfully lead
 CAP into the future."

As national vice commander, Phelka serves as a member of the
 CAP Command Council, which also consists of the national commander, eight region commanders and 52 wing commanders, plus the national executive officer, chief operating officer and the commander of CAP-USAF. He has advised Smith as well as the Board of Governors on operational and policy issues, which over 
the past year included taking a leadership role in the organization’s COVID-19 practices and remobilization efforts.

(Feb. 18) was Mars Landing Day!
Feb. 18 was a very special day in aerospace :
 Perseverance & Ingenuity are landing on Mars.
Main Job: Seek signs of ancient life and collect samples of 
rock and regolith (broken rock and soil) for possible return to Earth.
Launch: July 30, 2020
Landing: Feb. 18, 2021
Landing Site: Jezero Crater, Mars

Best regards,
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education
Washington Wing - CyberPatriot Coordinator
Washington Wing - Green Darner CyberCamp Director & Instructor
Washington All Missions Academy - Aerospace/STEM/Cyber Education Officer
(C) 206.356.8500

The Story of DOC the Last 
Restored B-29 
One of the glory aircraft at the end of WWII. An absolutely amazing piece of aviation!
Michael Talley Major, CAP 

Washington Wing Cadet 
Events & Opportunities

Building Engines for the B-29 
The link below is for a WW2 video showing a new plant built just 
to manufacture the Wright R-3350 engines for the B-29. 
Many new production facilities like this one were built almost overnight to support the massive WW2 war effort. The R-3350 engines were used after the war to power the Lockheed 
Constellation and Douglas DC-7 airliners. 
Michael Talley Major, CAP 

If you are following Mr. Manly and his amazing videos...
this is really exciting technology; it will be like unwrapping
 a present from outer space! 
Lt Col Russell Garlow, CAP 
(C) 425-876-5594

Happy Birthday, Civil Air Patrol 
Civil Air Patrol's Iowa Wing joins other CAP units across the 
 nation today in observing the organization’s 79th anniversary. 
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has proclaimed Dec.1 as “Civil Air
 Patrol Day” to mark the organization’s 79th anniversary and recognize the value that CAP volunteer members provide the 
state through emergency services, cadet programs and
 aerospace education. The city of Cedar Rapids will likewise 
proclaim “Civil Air Patrol Day” at its City Council meeting today, 
said Col. Jonathan Lartigue, Iowa Wing commander. Similar proclamations have been made by the mayors of Dubuque, 
Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Burlington, he said. CAP was founded Dec.1, 1941, by a group of aviation enthusiasts and private pilots 
who wanted to donate their time and aircraft to protect the nation’s coastlines and perform other critical civil defense missions. Their wartime volunteer service was recognized with a Congressional 
Gold Medal in 2014. More About 'Civil Air Patrol Day' 
Observances in Iowa 

Malachowski Made History as First Woman Selected as Thunderbird Pilot
Retired Air Force Col. Nicole Malachowski, a former CAP cadet who became the first female Thunderbird pilot, is featured in 
the National Business Aviation Association's series for 
Women's History Month.
Before she was commissioned into the military from the U.S. Air Force Academy and made history as the No. 3 Right Wing pilot (pictured above) with the Thunderbirds, Malachowski was a cadet 
in the Nevada Wing. She served in CAP six years and soloed 
when she was 16.

During her 21 years as an Air Force officer, leader and fighter pilot, her accomplishments were many, earning her induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2019.