Arlington Composite Squadron Meeting Announcement for 01 OCT 20
You’ve been invited to the following event: 

When: Thursday, 01 OCT 20
 6 pm – 7:30 pm Pacific Time - Los Angeles
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Senior Member Meeting
When: Thursday, 01 OCT 20
7:35 pm – 8:35 pm Pacific Time - Los Angeles

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UPDATE on 3/14/2020: 
As ordered per ICL 20-02 in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Civil Air Patrol is suspending cadet activities, including weekly squadron meetings.  Until further notice, Arlington Composite Squadron will not be holding
 in-person meetings.  

Please watch your email for further information, 
virtual meeting opportunities and general updates.  
Stay Safe!  -Maj Wittenberg

Once we are back to our in-person meetings; our meeting Location will resume at: 
   Armed Forces Reserve Center 
13613 40th Avenue NE,  Marysville, WA  98271

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Major Thomas Wittenberg, CAP
Squadron Commander
Arlington Composite Squadron

With all the news headlines, I'm sure you are all aware of the current environment of unrest crossing the nation. As a 
result of this, and until further notice, I want to temporarily restrict the wear of certain CAP uniforms; Blues, BDUs, 
ABUs or Flight suits. Wearing of the polo and gray pants 
may be the best solution for any upcoming missions,
including COVID-19 missions. Cadets who have no other uniforms can wear black shirts and khkis or jeans. 
Your safety is of my utmost concern, and I don't want our important work with mission support to be hampered
because of public unrest. Thanks for all you do and for your cooperation in thismatter. Safety is the primary concern for this action. 

Col Shelly J Norman, 
CAP Washington Wing Commander
 (C) 360.520.4795
 U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Emergency Services Training & Specialties Training Expectations 
Memorandum 5 AUG 20
1. During these exceptional times where many of us have minimized social interaction and travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Washington Wing have continued to train 
in Emergency Services (ES) when and where possible. While we are pleased to see this occur and encourage members to find opportunities to train, recent inquiries and submissions for ES specialties have prompted us to highlight portions of CAPR 60-3, CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions, as 
it pertains to the training process and the qualification of

2. As detailed in Paragraph 2-3, training must be done in a 
specific order the first of which are the pre-requisites for a 
specialty. Following completion of the pre-requisites is Familiarization and Preparatory training. This training must be 
done prior to members participating on actual or training missions while under supervision. The reason for this is explained in 
Part B of the paragraph: These tasks represent those skills 
that will keep the member safe and allow the member to
function under supervision without jeopardizing the mission. This requirement avoids placing personnel not ready to perform 
certain jobs or those who work for them at risk. 

3. Training events such as WAMA, FEST, and the Ground Search and Rescue Academy need to be mindful of this, and plan to conduct training missions once Familiarization and Preparatory training is completed. 

4. After Familiarization and Preparatory training is completed, members continue with Advanced training and participating in 
two missions, which can be either training or real-world. Concerning the two missions, Part C has this to say: 
These two “missions” do not have to be on different mission numbers, be AFAMs, orbe completed after all other advanced training is complete, but personnel must have completed all Familiarization and Preparatory training in order to receive credit 
for these sorties (emphasis added). These sorties must be complete sorties and/or operating periods where the member participates in all aspects of their assigned mission specialty   (emphasis added). 

5. We are aware that mission credit has been awarded to 
members simply because they were present on a mission, but 
not necessarily performing the specific mission specialty that 
creditwas awarded for. After reaching out to the Pacific Region Director of Operations (DO) for clarification, we believe this
 practice is wrong and must be discontinued. For example, if a member arrives at the mission base hoping to receive Ground 
Team Member (GTM) training but ends up performing the role 
of a Mission Staff Assistant (MSA), they cannot receive mission credit towards their GTM training. 

6. Another aspect of mission credit to consider is the nature of
 the mission. For example, a Point of Distribution (POD) mission 
is not the same as a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission. Similarly,
 a tabletop exercise is not the same as being out in the field.
 Before putting a mission down for a specific qualification ask yourself whether it makes sense. One recent example was a tabletop exercise used to renew a Ground Team Leader (GTL) qualification. We reached out to National HQ for their opinion, 
and their response was that, given the nature of the qualification,
 a tabletop exercise was not a suitable way to evaluate the 
member. The field was where this evaluation should have taken place. 

7. As we train it is important that we document it. As stated in Paragraph 2-7: The individual member is responsible to maintain copies of documentation of their qualifications. Members will 
likely need more than old 101 cards to prove completion of 
training, especially when requirements change and some grandfathering of qualifications may not be allowed in the future. 

8. Examples of documentation include but are not limited to
 mission logs (e.g. communication logs), forms used (e.g. CAPF 109), and certificates (e.g. First Aid card). Where appropriate 
we highly encourage uploading these documents to eServices 
or the appropriate mission folder in WMIRS, so that they can be reviewed by approvers or other interested parties. 

9. Skills evaluators, you are an important part of our training process. You were nominated by your commanders to train and evaluate our members so that they can be of service to our community, state, and nation. When you sign-off on a task or specialty you are attesting that a member has satisfactorily demonstrated their ability to meet the performance standards for 
a particular task or specialty under your supervision. You should 
not sign-off if you do not feel comfortable, in which case you 
should advise the member on what they need to work on, and
 that you were present when evaluating the member. Please do 
not delegate the latter responsibility to another member, 
particularly, one who is not a skills evaluator for the specialty. 

10. The last item we would like to address are specialty renewals. There is a misunderstanding among members that participating 
in a mission automatically renews a specialty. This is not the 
case. Paragraphs 2-4 and 2-5 details what is involved with renewing a specialty. Similar to initial training, members are “evaluated by a qualified supervisor on at least one mission” 
the purpose of which is to check their proficiency. During this mission members must demonstrate the Advanced tasks on the 
specialty’s Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR). 
And like initial training the supervisor must be a skills evaluator
 as detailed in Paragraph 2-2, Part A, subparagraphs 1 and 2. 

11. We hope this memo helps answer most, if not all, of your questions concerning ES training and qualifications. Please remember that CAP membership is a privilege and not a right, 
and that the same can be said of Emergency Services ratings. 
The utmost care of our members and the community we serve 
is imperative, and the reason why our regulations are to be followed. Remember our core values and use them to guide
 yours and our members training: Integrity, Service, Excellence, 
and Respect. If you have any questions or comments, please 
do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us. 


Director of Emergency Services, WAWG 

Emergency Services Training Officer, WAWG 
Ground Team Training Officer, WAWG

Winter Raptor V Oregon Encampment 2020 Cancelation
Due to Oregon wing not getting into Phase 1 COVID recovery prior to 1 OCT,  this winter's Oregon Encampment has been canceled.

Registration Now Open for the
Cisco - Civil Air Patrol Networking Academy Learn-A-Thon
Registration is now open for the CISCO Learn-A-Thon! This 
learning opportunity is open to all CAP members, cadets and senior members. This is a competition with our fellow wings 
& regions!  We need as many as possible to participate! 
Please consider registering and learning something new 
about cyber security. 
This is a FREE self-paced 15-hour class to complete by 
9 October 2020. 

Get bragging rights for your Wing! Get cool badges for your 
LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts!

Please register at this link specifically to give our wing credit:

For more information on the Cisco Networking Academy Partnership: 

To keep up to date with various Aerospace, STEM, and Cyber Education opportunities and announcements, please regularly visit the WAWG - AE webpages which are updated weekly: 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, requests, concerns or suggestions. 

Best regards, 
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP

Folder for October Open House 
I have included a link to the folder for us to share our ideas 
for our next open house on October 29, 2020. If you can start placing your ideas, videos and photos in the folder we can 
then start taking a look at it and work on them during our 
senior member meetings. I will create separate folders for 
each mission. AE, ES and Cadet Programs within the main folder. 

Once we have an idea of what we would like to do we can 
start pulling cadets into the mix and assign them tasks to complete. 

To make things easier, I would like us to use Google slides 
for any presentations as this will allow us to collaborate ideas. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

Rodney Greenwood, 1st Lt, CAP 
Deputy Commander for Cadets 
Arlington Composite Squadron 
(C) 425-435-7690

Last July the National Commander announced an initiative to improve the Aircrew Professionalism of all CAP Aircrews. 
 Part of that initiative is the requirement of all CAP Aircrews must complete the Online Aircrew Professionalism training available in the AXIS Training Program available in eServices. 
To date only 57% of the WAWG pilots and aircrew have completed this training leaving a significant number of pilots and aircrew that still need to get this training completed. 
Failure to complete this training will result in CAPNHQ 
removing your aircrew qualifications until you have 
completed the training. Time is running out and so if you 
have not already completed the Aircrew Professionalism Training please login to eServices and complete the training before you find your aircrew qualifications revoked by 

The Aircrew Professionalism training can be found once you login to eServices > Online Learning > Learning Management System > Go To AXIS >. If you cannot find the "Aircrew Professionalism" course on the AXIS opening page type 
Aircrew Professionalism in the search box and complete the required training.

Please do not delay getting this training completed.

Lt Col Patrick Courtney, CAP
WAWG Director of Operations
(C) 425.785.9836

2021 Cadet Competition Postponed 
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I am announcing the official postponement for Cadet Comp this year. Washington is still not where we need to be when it comes to the pandemic, and regardless of that - teams have not had time to practice and prepare for a quality competition. 

As such, we will be postponing until late winter/early spring 2021. Keep an eye out for updates as we finalize the new schedule. 

Thanks all and please stay safe!

1st Lt Cassidy Ratayczak, CAP 
Director, 2021 WAWG Cadet Competition 
(C) 619.305.8674 
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

CAP's New Education and Training Program for Senior Members Now Open for Business
Civil Air Patrol's much anticipated Volunteer University is now a reality as the cornerstone of CAP's new Senior Member Education and Training Program.

Volunteer University, or Vol U, went live on Aug. 4, offering online and off-site courses and schools to enhance the education and training opportunities for CAP’s more than 37,000 members.

“This is a new era for Civil Air Patrol education and training,” said Col. Regena Aye, chief of the Education and Training Program. “We've prepared for over a year now, and to see it finally happening is really exciting.”

Members can find out details about the program and Volunteer University on CAP Regulation 40-1, which makes the initiative official, is also available for review.

In a congratulatory message to Aye and the Vol U team, Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP's national commander and CEO, said, "The structure and processes you have built into the program will help it to stay leading-edge indefinitely. The fruits of your labor will benefit the members of Civil Air Patrol for many years to come.”

More About CAP's Launch of Volunteer University

Camp Robert L. Boucher Relief Fund
Team Washington Wing:

As most everyone in Washington Wing knows, we have a facility 
in Ephrata which is managed by the Washington All Mission Academy and is known as Camp Boucher. Many of you have 
spent weekends there for training in Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Professional Development courses. The registration fees that you pay not only puts food on 
the table but also pays for utilities and maintenance for the facility. Unfortunately, during the COVID 19 pandemic, those activities 
have had to cease until conditions improve in the state and we 
are allowed, once again, to have regular meetings and resume operations at WAMA. Although we have not been able to use the building, the utility bills still come in and must be paid. Since 
March, our financial reserves have been used to cover these 
costs, but those funds are running dangerously low and will not 
be sufficient to cover our expenses before the end of 2020.

The WAMA Executive Board is now appealing to our CAP 
members, squadrons, and friends to consider donating to 
the CRLB Relief Fund. We have established a FuelMe account
 to collect those donations and we have other methods to receive them, as well.

· You can donate by going on-line to:

· Squadrons can donate from Unit Funds by submitting a WAWG Form 34 to, transferring funds 
to CRLB (WA-001).

· Checks or Money Orders can be mailed to:
Civil Air Patrol-CRLB – PO Box 26 – Ephrata, WA 98823

Any donation you make will help to relieve the strain from
income that has been lost during COVID-19 and will help to 
“keep the lights on” “keep the water flowing” and “keep the doors open”. 

We thank you for considering to help!


Washington Wing Cadet 
Events & Opportunities

FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair Wednesday, 09/30/20

FAPA Pilot Job Fairs & Future Pilot Forums will be virtual via Zoom Webinar until travel recovers. The next FAPA Virtual
Pilot Job Fair will be Wednesday, 09/30/20. 

If you would like to register to attend as job hunting pilot, 
please click the button below to register for the FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair. You must have 250+ hours or a commercial certificate to attend the FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair. Pilot registration is FREE.

The FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair Wednesday, 09/30/20
will work like this: 
60 minute individual presentations Wednesday 09/30/20 
starting at 10 AM Central Time. The sessions do not overlap. 
You will be able to attend each presentation with time for 
Q & A. These sessions will be conducted via Zoom Webinar.
Email your resume to We will share 
your resume with participating companies. Please specify in 
the subject line which companies you would like to receive it. 
If you have different resumes for different companies, send separate emails with company it is intended for in the subject line.

Schedule of Participating Companies:
(Central Standard Time)
10 AM - 11 AM: Delta Private Jets
12 PM - 1 PM: Aquiline Drones

There may be other companies joining. See for an updated list. In this fluid situation, company attendance changes regularly.

Saturday, 10/03/20 | 1 PM - 4 PM Central Time
Register for the FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum to learn 
about pathways to professional pilot careers. Students of all ages, their parents, school counselors, non-aviation 
separating military personnel and career changers are invited. 
If you have less than 250 hours or no commercial certificate, 
this is the right event for you. The event is FREE.

FAPA, Delta Private Jets and Aquiline Drones will be giving presentations and taking Q & A starting at 1 PM Central Standard Time.

Delta Private Jets is FAPA's 2020 Future Pilot Forum 
Platinum Partner. Delta Private Jets will be giving 
presentations at all Future Pilot Forums and recruiting at all FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fairs.

Aquiline Drones (AD) is offering Flight to the Future, a 
collection of carefully tailored courses, supported by an 
online curriculum and business formation recipe that allow 
you to start your own professional UAV business. We want 
you to join us in this opportunity to be ready for the future. 
Be your own boss, work from a safe environment and have 
your own hours. You have to adapt but you can do it under 
your terms. This is a chance to get out of unemployment,
 leave the present and reinvent yourself for the high 
technology future. You will receive a Zoom Webinar 
registration link upon registration.

Remaining 2020 FAPA Events (All will be virtual)

September 2020
FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair: 
Wednesday, 09/30/20 | 10AM - 12PM CST

FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum: 
Saturday, 10/03/20 | 1PM - 4PM CST

October 2020
FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair: 
Wednesday, 10/28/20 | 10AM - 12PM CST

FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum: 
Saturday, 10/31/20 | 1PM - 4PM CST

November 2020
FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair:
Wednesday, 11/18/20 | 10AM - 12PM CST

FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum: 
Saturday, 11/21/20 | 1PM - 4PM CST

December 2020
FAPA Virtual Pilot Job Fair: Job Fair: 
Wednesday, 12/16/20 | 10AM - 12PM CST

FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum: 
Future Pilot Forum:
Saturday, 12/19/20 | 1PM - 4PM CST

See all events and registration links:

Our mailing address is:
2470 W Horizon Ridge
120 Henderson, NV 89052

Copyright © 2020, All rights reserved. FAPA Future Pilot Forums offer free career seminars about pathways to a professional pilot career.

Similar to Civil Air Patrol, the Air Force Association (AFA) 
is a volunteer-led organization that exists for a very specific purpose. Also like CAP, the AFA has three missions; to 
promote a strong national defense; to support Airmen and
 their families; and to preserve and honor Air Force heritage through education, advocacy, and support. 

In more ways than one, our objectives complement each 
other, which in turn makes both organizations stronger. 
Because of the close bond between us, the AFA is once 
again extending an offer to join their organization as a means 
of becoming more informed and engaged in their activities. Conversely, Civil Air Patrol is also extending the same opportunity to Air Force Association members with the 
same objective—to become more informed and engaged. 

Please review the message below and links from 
Lt. Gen. Bruce Wright and consider taking advantage of 
this opportunity with the Air Force Association. 
Maj. Gen. Mark Smith 
National Commander/CEO 
Dear Civil Air Patrol Member, 
By now you have likely heard the exciting news that the Air Force Association (AFA) will be continuing our special partnership with Civil Air Patrol. For decades, our 
organizations have worked independently to promote a dominant Air Force, advocate for aerospace education, and support Airmen and their families. We look forward to continuing our work together to make our Air Force, Space Force and our nation even stronger. 

If you are not already an AFA member, I invite you to join us 
at no cost for the first two years. Your AFA membership will provide unique leadership and development opportunities to further strengthen your air, space, and cyber education and experience. By becoming a member of AFA, you will have access to the premier sources of information on our Air and Space Forces with your electronic subscription to Air Force Magazine and Daily Report

As an AFA member, you will be represented on Capitol Hill 
and at federal executive agencies by a dedicated government relations staff focused on national policy topics like
 rebuilding combat readiness and force structure;
 recapitalizing and modernizing the Air Force's aging fleet; investing in technology; supporting Airmen, Space Professionals and their families; and caring for retirees and veterans. 

You will be joining a network of 96,000 members who support AFA’s mission. Our strong member base comes together to 
form new programs at critical times such as our COVID-19 Airman’s Assistance Fund (CAAF), a program dedicated to supporting our Air Force family during the current pandemic. Our members also promote vibrant aerospace education programs like AFA’s CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program and StellarXplorers

States’ only aerospace power-focused think tank. Joining 
AFA means gaining access to the Mitchell Institute's research reports, papers, and virtual professional development events like Aerospace Nation, where powerful conversations are cultivated with the nation’s top Air and Space Force leaders 
on key issues. Additionally, AFA’s major conferences and 
other events provide Airmen with excellent professional development and leadership opportunities. 

Finally, you will be joining a grassroots network of 200 AFA chapters worldwide. Through participation in your chapter, 
you will connect with those in your community who share 
your interests, promote aerospace education, support 
important causes, and advocate at the local level for our Air 
and Space Forces. Click here to Join the Fight. We are on 
your wing. 

Lt. Gen. Bruce ‘Orville’ Wright, USAF (Ret.) 
AFA President