Arlington Composite Squadron Virtual Meeting Announcement 
You have been invited to the following event. 
Arlington Composite Squadron Virtual Meeting Schedule 21 JAN 21 - Aerospace Education, Core Values and Cadet Classes

When: Jan 21, 2021 6pm – 8:30pm 

UOD: will be ABU's or polo/white aviator for SM's 

Join with Google Meet: 

Join by phone: (US) +1 617-675-4444 PIN: ‪982 769 164 4891# 

Description: This week's virtual meeting will be Aerospace Education by Lt Col Garlow followed by Cadet Staff classes 
and drill

Senior Members will have a breakout room for Core Values and return to the main meeting afterwards for closing. 

Please be sure to be signed into the meeting no later than 1755, this way we can start right at 1800. 

If you have any questions please use the chain of command. 

1st Lt Rodney Greenwood, CAP
Squadron Commander

Cameras will be encouraged to be on during meetings so we can make sure proper uniform wear.
Once we are back to our in-person meetings; our meeting Location will resume at:
Armed Forces Reserve Center 
13613 40th Avenue NE, Marysville, WA 98271

CPC-VR 2021: 
Featured Speaker Series ★ 
Lieutenant General James C. Slife: AFSOC Commander 
Cadet Programs Conference 2021 Virtual Reality Edition 
12-15 February 2021 
Lieutenant General James (Jim) C. Slife, USAF Commander
 US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) 
Lt. Gen. James C. “Jim” Slife is the Commander, Air Force 
Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field, Florida. The command is the Air Force component of U.S. Special Operations Command. AFSOC provides Air Force special operations forces 
for worldwide deployment and assignment to unified combatant commanders. The command has approximately 20,800 
active-duty, Reserve, Air National Guard and civilian 
professionals. Lt. Gen. Slife was born outside of Detroit and 
grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was commissioned through the ROTC program at Auburn University and has spent the 
majority of his career in special operations aviation assignments, deploying extensively. To read his official USAF Biography 
including his assignments, education, decorations/awards and more, click here
Click on "Registration" to access the registration module. 
NOTE FOR CADETS: CPC is only requiring the CAPF 60-80 to register. This form does NOT require a unit commander signature. 
General Registration Deadline: Friday, January 22, 2021 at 11:59pm EST 
Visit for other featured speaker highlights, registration, and contact us information. Follow us on social 
media for up-to-date informational posts! 
Facebook & Instagram: @cawgcadets

Temporary Uniform Restrictions
With all the news headlines, I'm sure you are all aware of the 
current environment of unrest crossing the nation. As a result of 
this, and until further notice, I want to temporarily restrict the wear 
of certain CAP uniforms; Blues, BDUs, ABUs or Flight suits. Wearing of the polo and gray pants may be the best solution for any upcoming missions, including COVID-19 missions. Cadets who have no other uniforms can wear black shirts and khakis or jeans. Your safety is of my utmost concern, and I don't want our important work with mission support to 
be hampered because of public unrest. Thanks for all you do and for your cooperation in this matter. Safety is the primary concern 
for this action. 
Col Shelly J Norman
CAP Washington Wing Commander
(C) 360.520.4795

The CyberStart America 2021 Workshop Sponsored by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation
$2 million in Cybersecurity Scholarships, Very Cool Hands-On Experiential Learning, and How to Build a Cybersecurity Skill set 
for College and Career Success
This is the only workshop planned for this winter that will answer four questions students often ask about cybersecurity: 
What do I need to learn to get a good job in cybersecurity? 
Is there a way to find out if I have the aptitude to do well? 
Are there scholarships available?
Where should I apply to college if I want to maximize my 
chances of getting a good job? 
Plus, a demonstration of the CyberStart Game by the game’s creator, James Lyne. See first-hand how students can discover an aptitude, and passion for cyber security. Playing the Game they 
can develop incredible skills to maximize their chances of 
winning scholarships, and slingshot into this fascinating career defending our future digital borders. Find out how with gamified learning they can make and break codes, find and fix flaws 
cyber criminals use against businesses every day, and learn a
bout cyber security jobs and ethics at the same time. But best 
of all whilst having fun! 

Best regards, 
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP 
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education 
Washington Wing - CyberPatriot Coordinator 
Washington Wing - Green Darner CyberCamp Director & Instructor 
Washington All Missions Academy - Aerospace/STEM/Cyber Education Officer 
(C) 206.356.8500

Field Emergency Services Training (V-FEST)!! - Jan 23rd
Deadline 10 Jan to Register!! 
Hello ES enthusiasts! 
While we're taking a break from in person training, the 
FEST staff is happy to bring back some training for you! 
You will register for FEST through the Arlington website, as in
23 Jan 2021 - 0900 1000 Eval/Testing - successful candidates 
will have SQTRs signed off by FEST Staff SETs 
Participants will be sent a meeting invitation after registration closes. 
To register and find further information on what tasks will be offered:
All normal minimums to participate in ES training for FEST
101 GES Card issued 
SQTR for GTM3 signed off by Sq Commander - pre-reqs 
and/or training box as applicable 
Cadets - Curry Award 
Seniors - Level 1 
Lt Col Teresia Sayler, CAP 
WA Wing Emergency Services - Ground Training Officer 
(C) 360.951.4030

National Cadet Special Activities Application Reminder 
As we near the end of this year, it is time to start making plans for new adventures in 2021. National Cadet Special Activities are an amazing opportunity that allow you to travel across the country 
(and sometimes to other countries!) and meet other incredible members of CAP while making memories that will last a lifetime. Applications are open now and are accepted until January 15th! 
Link to the Eservices application page can be found here. A 
listof the 2021 confirmed NCSA's can be found here. There are 
also several squadron, wing, region and national-level 
scholarships and programs which are merit-based and some 
which assist cadets with financial need to attend NCSAs. Visit CadetInvest for details on each program to include deadlines for funding submission. You must apply via the CadetInvest module 
in eServices to be considered for financial awards. 
Make sure to get your Applications early! 

Capt Zachary Cobb, CAP 
Washington Wing Cadet Activities Officer 
(c) (509)-629-0805

Flight Academy Registration is 
Now Open 
Registration for our Washington Wing National Flight Academy July 20 to 31 is now open. 
Cadets must be at least 14 to apply as a glider student and 16 to apply as a power student. 
Cadets and seniors can apply to attend as staff. 
Register through eServices by: 
log on to eServices 
Cadet Programs 
Registration and Payment System 
enter your CAP ID number 
pull down to select PCR-WA-001 
pull down to select 
432 NFA WA Wing Joint Glider - Ephrata WA. (cadets) or 
431 NFA WA Wing Joint Power - Ephrata WA. (cadets) or 
433 NFA WA Wing Joint Staff - Ephrata WA 
(cadets and seniors) 
fill in the blanks on the forms and submit 
You will be put on a list. Selections will be done and announced 
later. Questions? Contact me. 
Michael Talley Major, CAP 
WA Wing Glider Program Manager 

Selection of Cascade Falcon XXV Cadet Commander, Senior Cadet Cadre, and Cadet Squadron Commanders NOW OPEN! 
Attention Cadet Officers, Squadron Commanders, and Deputy Commanders for Cadets. 
Yes, Cascade Falcon XXV is being planned for 
July 1st to 10th 2021, at Camp Casey! (Pre-encampment is 
1 to 3 July, students report on 4 July with Graduation on 
July 10, 2021.) 
Applications are now open to cadet officers to apply to serve as the Cascade Falcon XXV Cadet Commander, the Senior 
Cadet Cadre, and Cadet Squadron Commanders. 
The deadline for applications is 31 January 2021. See the 
attached memo from Lt Col Robert Siau, the Cascade Falcon Commandant of Cadets for more details. Applications for other 
cadre positions will be announced at a later date and be open from 
1 to 28 February 2021. Squadron Commanders and Deputy Commanders for Cadets, please ensure this info is provided to 
your cadet officers. The Cascade Falcon website has been 
updated for 2021, be sure to keep checking back for updates:
 Questions can be directed to the undersigned at:
Lt Col Tim Kelley, CAP 
Deputy Commander 
Cascade Falcon XXV 
(C) 719.237.8894

2021 Cadet Competition Postponed 
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I am announcing the official postponement for Cadet Comp this year. Washington is still not where we need to be when it comes to the pandemic, and 
regardless of that - teams have not had time to practice and 
prepare for a quality competition. As such, we will be postponing
 until late winter/early spring 2021. Keep an eye out for updates as we finalize the new schedule. Thanks all and please stay safe!
1st Lt Cassidy Ratayczak, CAP 
Director, 2021 WAWG Cadet Competition 
(C) 619.305.8674

On Line Virtual Training Opportunities
If you are interested send an email to listing 
the name of the course, the date of the class, your name, rank and CAP ID as well as your unit name and wing. I am not offering this 
one again until Feb 4, 2021. Indicating on a Facebook group that
 you are attending IS NOT signing up, at this time, only the email 
will do. Other classes on my Thursday schedule include: 
Jan 21 - L3 Squadrons and the Missions (45 minutes) 
Jan 28 - L3 Data Driven Decision Making (45 minutes) 
To sign up for any of these classes send an email to: 
listing: Name of course, Date of class, Your 
name, rank, CAP ID, Name of unit and Wing. You will receive confirmation and by the day before the class you will receive the Student Study Guide which you are expected to read and follow
 any links before the class begins. That email will also provide information on any exercises that might be included. 
Lt Col Edwin A. Keeney, CAP 
Washington Wing Director, Education & Training/Testing Officer 
(C) 509-366-4912

AFRCC 2021 Basic Inland SAR Course
The January 2021 AFRCC Basic Inland SAR Course being 
hosted and sponsored by the National Park Service has filled up. 
The CAP has been allocated several seats in the class, and the Washington Wing Point of Contact is Lt Col Karl Moore
Any inquiries or requests to be put on the standby list must be 
submitted to Lt Col Moore. Due to winter weather driving conditions and the current pandemic situation/restrictions, there may be adjustments and changes. 
This course is a SAR management level course and the prime candidates are members in the Mission Leadership roles that 
include IC, OSC, PSC, AOBD, and GBD
Other ES disciplines are eligible on a case by case basis. This 
class will involve various County, State, and Federal SAR officers. 
If you have an interest in attending and would like to be put on
the standby list, contact Lt Col Moore at .
Do not contact AFRCC, as they have asked the Wing to handle 
CAP participation requests. If more seats are made available and released to CAP, another Wing Announcement will be posted. 
Karl Moore, Lt Col, CAP
Wing ES Training Officer 
CAP Point of Contact for BISC

The Story of DOC the Last 
Restored B-29 
One of the glory aircraft at the end of WWII. An absolutely amazing piece of aviation!
Michael Talley Major, CAP 

Washington Wing Cadet 
Events & Opportunities

Building Engines for the B-29 
The link below is for a WW2 video showing a new plant built just 
to manufacture the Wright R-3350 engines for the B-29. 
Many new production facilities like this one were built almost overnight to support the massive WW2 war effort. The R-3350 engines were used after the war to power the Lockheed 
Constellation and Douglas DC-7 airliners. 
Michael Talley Major, CAP 

If you are following Mr. Manly and his amazing videos...
this is really exciting technology; it will be like unwrapping
 a present from outer space! 
Lt Col Russell Garlow, CAP 
(C) 425-876-5594

Happy Birthday, Civil Air Patrol 
Civil Air Patrol's Iowa Wing joins other CAP units across the 
 nation today in observing the organization’s 79th anniversary. 
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has proclaimed Dec.1 as “Civil Air
 Patrol Day” to mark the organization’s 79th anniversary and recognize the value that CAP volunteer members provide the 
state through emergency services, cadet programs and
 aerospace education. The city of Cedar Rapids will likewise 
proclaim “Civil Air Patrol Day” at its City Council meeting today, 
said Col. Jonathan Lartigue, Iowa Wing commander. Similar proclamations have been made by the mayors of Dubuque, 
Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Burlington, he said. CAP was founded Dec.1, 1941, by a group of aviation enthusiasts and private pilots 
who wanted to donate their time and aircraft to protect the nation’s coastlines and perform other critical civil defense missions. Their wartime volunteer service was recognized with a Congressional 
Gold Medal in 2014. More About 'Civil Air Patrol Day' 
Observances in Iowa 

Growing the Pilot Population Through the AOPA Flight Training Scholarship Program 
Take advantage of AOPA’s scholarship program—over $1 
million in awards—or pass along this information to someone you know is passionate about learning to fly or wants to earn
 an advanced rating. 
Multiple scholarship opportunities are available to AOPA members, including: 
1. AOPA High School Flight Training Scholarships: 80 exceptional aviation-minded high school students will each be awarded $10,000 to pursue a private, sport, or recreational pilot certificate. 
2. AOPA Teacher Flight Training Scholarships: Up to 20 teachers dedicated to advancing aviation education in the classroom by teaching the AOPA High School Aviation STEM Curriculum are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which can be used to earn a private, sport, or recreational certificate. 
3. AOPA Primary Training Scholarships: Multiple scholarships, ranging from $2,500 to $7,500, will be awarded to members ages 16 and up to help fund the cost of training for a private pilot, sport pilot, or recreational pilot certificate. 
4. AOPA Advanced Rating Scholarships: Multiple scholarships, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, will be awarded to outstanding member pilots with career aspirations seeking an Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, or MEI rating. 
The deadline to submit all scholarship application materials, 
including recommendation letters and transcripts, is 
February 14, 2021, 11:59 p.m. (EST).