--- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------         -MEETING INFORMATION
Our next meeting will be 27 FEB 2020 at 18:00 

Armed Forces Reserve Center 
13613 40th Avenue NE,  Marysville, WA  98271

The schedule for this week consists of Emergency 
Services, a cadet class, PRBs and drill. 
The UOD is ABU. Please be sure to bring a notebook 
and pen. 

Remember to sign up for the First Aid/CPR class by 
Thursday, there’s a few slots still available. If you’re at all interested in any type of Emergency Services qualification 
this is a great starting point.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Major Thomas Wittenberg, CAP
Squadron Commander
Arlington Composite Squadron
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Last July the National Commander announced an initiative to improve the Aircrew Professionalism of all CAP Aircrews. 
 Part of that initiative is the requirement of all CAP Aircrews must complete the Online Aircrew Professionalism training available in the AXIS Training Program available in eServices. To date only 57% of the WAWG pilots and aircrew have completed this training leaving a significant number of pilots and aircrew that still need to get this training completed. Failure to complete this training will result in CAPNHQ removing your aircrew qualifications until you have 
completed the training. Time is running out and so if you 
have not already completed the Aircrew Professionalism Training please login to eServices and complete the training before you find your aircrew qualifications revoked by CAPNHQ

The Aircrew Professionalism training can be found once you login to eServices > Online Learning > Learning Management System > Go To AXIS >. If you cannot find the "Aircrew Professionalism" course on the AXIS opening page type Aircrew Professionalism in the search box and complete the required training.

Please do not delay getting this training completed.

Lt Col Patrick Courtney, CAP
WAWG Director of Operations
(C) 425.785.9836
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WAWG AFA Cyber Security
Important dates for future CyberSecurity opportunities:

CyberCamp - Summer 2020 - a WAWG AFA CyberCamp will
be organized for the end of July, and for similar prices as this year (Full-time Student Cadets $310, Off-site Student Cadets $130, Staff Cadets & SM $170). Note that we might need to
make some price adjustments depending on the hotel quotes of summer 2020. Camp will be opened to cadets and senior members interested in learning about cybersecurity and/or to start or join a team in their units. So plan your budget and
your schedule in advance to be able to attend.

I would like to thank everyone who helped organizing this camp and/or who volunteered to come and help, and
especially to those who registered to our first attempt to
doing a cybercamp in Washington.

I apologize for the inconveniences that this cancellation 
might cause you,and I look forward to working with you in
the near future.

Best regards,
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education
Washington All Mission Academy -Aerospace Education Officer
Washington Wing CyberCamp Director
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
 Kenneth W. "K3" Sturgill 
Memorial PJOC/APJOC Scholarship

Kenneth W. "K3" Sturgill Memorial PJOC/APJOC Scholarship

Opens: 1 Jan

*Deadline: 31 Jan*

In memory of their son, Ken “K3” Sturgill, Lt Cols Tammy and Ken Sturgill would like to sponsor two cadets for the 2020 Civil Air Patrol Pararescue & Survival Orientation Course (PJOC) or Advanced Pararescue & Survival Orientation Course (APJOC) at either Davis-Monthan or Kirtland AFB.

More information can be found at:

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
Washington Wing Cadet Events 
& Opportunities
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
National Cadet Special Activities Website
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
CAP/Vanguard Uniform
 Please visit the following link:

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------           REMINDER ANNOUNCEMENT 
Cadet Programs Conference (CPC)

CAWG Cadet Programs Conference (CPC)

14 - 17 Feb

Opens: 26 Dec

*Deadline: 30 Jan*

Camp San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA

It's a 3 1/2 Day conference completely dedicated to cadets! Choose from over 100 different classes to take - everything from

dance lessons to leadership, robotics to how

to play chess!

For up to date information on CPC, please


The website will be updated as information becomes available.

Don't forget to join the Facebook event guest list and share to your fellow CAP members!

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Arlington Squadron First Aid Class
29 FEB 2020

We are offering a Fist Aid class in conjunction with North County Fire and we would like all who are interested in attending to sign up. The class is subject to 12 students. 
That includes both cadets and Senior members. 
There are 6 (six) slots available for each but that doesn’t 
mean only 6 cadets or Senior members can sign up. If there
 are slots available to be filled we will make adjustments to have a total of 12 students participate. 

Lt Greenwood has emailed out this announcement with an attached sign up sheet for you to fill out. Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up as we need to know by next Thursday who will be attending. 

If you currently hold a valid first aid certificate and it 
doesn’t expire within the next 4 months please refrain from signing up to allow others who don’t hold a valid first aid 
card participate. 

If you are at all interested in Emergency Services this is a 
great starting point and is required for many additional qualifications. 

If you have any questions please let me know and more
 details will be forwarded once we have closed sign up. 

1st Lt Rodney Greenwood, CAP
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------         -- 
Women in Aviation Conference Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
JROTC/CAP Cadets 5-7 MAR 2020
Interest Registration Information Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1 is participating in a few major recruiting and mentorship events this year. We would like to encourage max cadet participation at these events. The first event is the 
Women in Aviation Conference 2020. Detachment 1 recognizes that these events provide an excellent opportunity for your cadets to learn more about rated opportunities and gain valued mentorship. At all these events, Detachment 1 will have 
Aviation Recruiting Team members in attendance who are 
rated AF officers for the cadets to interact with, our flight simulator booth, and various planned activities that will be coordinated to provide mentorship to your cadets.

In order to encourage participation, Detachment 1 can cover conference fees for a limited number of your cadets and chaperones to attend each event. Units will be responsible for covering TDY expenses (if applicable). All cadets are welcome 
to attend these events. There is no specific gender or race requirements to attend these events because they are all inclusive. If you are interested in sending cadets, please
contact the Detachment 1 POC Maj Afton Brown, USAF, at and courtesy copy me, at with the “Basic Required
Information” outlined below. Once we determined the interest 
in the events, we can coordinate with your organizations to coordinate the details for each event, the activities available 
to the cadets.

- We recommend high school and middle school aged cadets attend the Girls in Aviation Day event on Saturday, Mar 7.

- Please discuss opportunities for high school aged cadets to attend the entire event at the student rate with Det 1.

- The GIAD (Girls in Aviation Day) event will be held from
0900-1500 and includes lunch. 

Other highlights include:Hear from Patty Wagstaff as the luncheon speaker.
Hands on activities to include flying a simulator and reading 
a sectional chart.
Attend a Career Panel that includes an Air Force pilot.
Attend a College Fair with representatives from USAFA and ROTC, as well as other universities.
A chance to attend the WAI Exhibit Hall and learn about 
careers in aviation.Det 1 will also host a mentorship event before or after GIAD for cadets to meet JROTC/USAFA 
cadets and Air Force officers.

We look forward to working with you and your cadets.

-- Final deadline for WAI basic information is 5 Feb 2020 to facilitate coordination for final attendees. Please cut and paste the following informationBasic Required Informationinto an email titled “DET1 WAI Interest Civil Air Patrol” and send to: and courtesy copy me, at:
Organization Name (Organization/Unit Charter #):
Civil Air Patrol/REG-WG-###
Event Name: Women in Aviation Conference 2020
Number of total registrations requesting
Number of cadets: ##Number of chaperones: #Contact Rank First Name and Last Name:
Contact Email Address
Contact Cell Phone Number:

Wendy E. Hamilton
(O) 877.227.9142, (O) 334.953.9210, (DSN) 493.9210
------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -
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Bellingham Mission Base &
 Aircrew Training
14 MAR 2020
Mission Base and Aircrew Training 

The Bellingham Mission Base and Aircrew Training is
 scheduled for March 14th from 0800 to 1600 at the
 Bellingham Squadron meeting facility at: 
Bellingham Armory, WA ARNG 
3926 Williamson Way 
Bellingham, WA 98226 

Training Objectives:

1) All Mission Scanners, Mission Observers & Mission Pilots that have completed all SQTR Prerequisites and only need one or more sorties to complete their Aircrew qualifications. 

2) Mission Base Training, most all positions are available for training and SQTR updates. 

3) There will be no F5 checkrides however, F91 Mission Pilot checkrides will be available 


1) All Members that have previously notified either Ralph
 Black or Pat Courtney are registered to attend the
 March 14th training. 

2) There is still room for additional Members to attend the training. Please email either Ralph Black ( or Pat Courtney ( if you would like to attend the training. 

All sorties are dependent on the weather. A weather check
 will be made Thursday March 12th. If the weather conditions
 are not suitable for flying on the 14th all aircrew participants will be notified and asked to not attend the training unless 
they are interested in participating in the Mission Base

Mission Base training will take place no mater the weather. 

Pat Courtney
Lt Col Patrick Courtney, CAP 
WAWG Director of Operations
(C) 425.785.9836
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
March WAMA Registration is Open for 13-15 MAR 2020
Courses being offered are listed on the website. WAMA
Some class sizes may be limited so early registration is 
strongly recommended.

Lt Col Keith J. Weber
CAP Director, 
Administration & Personnel Interim Assistant Finance Officer
Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol
(C) 509.431.5702 (H) 509.785.2896
------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -
March FEST Registration is Open
 GT Training AND sUAS Offered
27-29 Mar 2020
Our team is excited to offer another training opportunity supporting Civil Air Patrol's Emergency Services mission!

- Emphasis will be on minimizing classroom (through 
efficiency) and MAXIMIZING field time for our ground team training modules!

Note-new location: This Session will be Conducted at Valley Camp, North Bend, WA - see website for location/directions. 

Do NOT go to Granite Falls!

The Base of Operations is Valley Camp, North Bend, WA!! 
 49515 SE Middle Fork Rd North Bend WA 98045 

Note Cost - $5 increase due to facility cost & meal notes are below, depending on your class. Totals are $40/students & 
$25 for Staff.

March's offering: 
Ground Team Member 3, 2 & 1 - depending on need (We customize training based on SQTRs of attendees) w1. il
l support sUAS operations as needed

Pay attention to registration options for GTM - we have TWO categories.

Meals - ENSURE you have your two pack meals as these will
be your lunches! sUAS (aka drones) - class size restricted to 
20 trainees2.

Meals - ENSURE you bring two meals as these will be your 

Please read below information CAREFULLY!

Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle Field Exercise

This exercise will commence at 1200 Saturday and run into 
the evening hours after dark. Reconvening on Sunday and lasting until noon. This exercise is open to all CAP members qualified to attend FEST, and must register as a full participant of FEST according to the website directions. Same paperwork, same price. You do not need to have a drone license. This is 
an introductory course that will be testing advanced 
 of the CAP sUAS program.

Participants must be prepared for night ops and dressed for outdoor activity (assume cold/rain). The participants will be training as a deployed UAV Team. When registering for the program indicate whether you are arriving on Friday evening, 
or at noon on Saturday. 

Those arriving on Friday will join GT classes on Saturday morning. Bring a lunch for Saturday & Sunday.

Those not arriving until noon on Saturday will need to eat 
lunch prior to arrival and bring a lunch for Sunday. 

CAP will provide the UAV. You may be a part of the UAV flight crew, support Ground Team, or both. There will also be a debriefing on the recent Washington Wing UAV team’s deployments to Puerto Rico (Earthquake), and to Pago Pago (Typhoon). 

Dress for the weather, and ONLY red lensedflashlights/headlamps allowed. See website for
 required documents.

Senior officers are welcome to bring RV's, contact the 

Project Officer for current pricing info at Valley Camp. 

Seniors may also bring tents, or prepare to sleep in vehicles. Accommodations: 

Cadets will be housed as first priority for covered shelter. 

Cots to be provided. Ground team trainees will build shelters, weather & equipment permitting. All cadets to be prepared 
for shelter building! 

Subject to registration guidelines The Basics:

Current fiscal year offerings and deadlines on the When: registration page of the link below

Valley Camp, North Bend, WA - see registration

Where: see website for further details.


Register no later than 20 March 2020 - go to web page link
below for all the specifics! Yes, there are REQUIREMENTS!

Questions can be directed to me (FEST Project Officer) at:
Lt Col Teresia Sayler, CAP
WA Wing Emergency Services - Ground Training Officer
(C) 360.951.4030
------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -
2020 Mission Pilot Ground School New Mission Pilots
Saturday April 4 and April 5, 2020 

Purpose: Mission Pilot Ground School (Note current Mission Pilots that would like to attend to refresh their MP
 qualifications are also welcome) 

Location: Washington All Mission Academy (WAMA), Ephrata, WA 

Minimum Requirements: 
1) Must have completed ICS 100, 200, 700 & ICUT 

2) Have a minimum of 200 hours PIC flight time logged 

3) Have a current CAPF 5 by the first week of May 2020 

4) Must have your Mission Scanner Rating 

5) 50 hours of logged Cross-Country time as PIC 

6) Have Squadron Commander Approval Prior to taking the Training 

7) Completed Aircraft Ground Handling Online Training by the time you begin your training sorties 

Uniform: CAP Polo and Gray Pants, CAP Aviator or AF Blue Uniform 

Cost: To Be Announced 

1) Email Lt Col Bill Gibbs at no later than March 11, 2020. Bill will notify you if you are
 accepted to attend the Mission Pilot Ground School. 

2) When the April WAMA Open Registration Announcement 
is sent out register for the Mission Pilot Ground School 

Pat Courtney 
Lt Col Patrick Courtney, CAP 
WAWG Director of Operations 
(C) 425.785.9836
------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------         -- 
2020 Spring Conference in
Yakima, WA  17-19 APR 2020

WAWG Spring Conference

17 -19 Apr

Opens: TBA
Deadline: TBA

Fairbridge Hotel
Yakima, WA

More details to be announced. Updates will be available at:

Course offering at the Spring Conference 

Have you ever wanted to attend the National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) but couldn’t make it? Would you 
be interested in attending a NESA course if it were close to home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, 
then please read on.

Introducing the National Emergency Services - Mobile 
Training Team (NESA-MTT). A cadre of individuals providing 
the delivery of (primarily) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and CAP courses to members across the 

I’m excited to announce that NESA-MTT will be coming to our Spring Conference in Yakima on Friday 17 April. We will be offering the following course as a pre-conference course 

NESA course G0191: Incident Command System/ Emergency Operations Center Interface.

What is this course?

This one-day FEMA course is a required course for the Advanced Professional Series (APS) program and NESA-MTT Instructor Program. Participants will have the opportunity to begin developing an ICS/EOC interface for their Wing with 
local and state jurisdictions. The course reviews ICS and EOC responsibilities and functions. It depends heavily on exercises and group discussions to formulate the interface. 

Prerequisites: GES, IS100, 200, 700, 800.

More information will be coming out soon and registration 
will be on the conference registration site once it opens. In the meantime, check your e-service record to see if you have the prerequisites completed. If not, you have time to get it done prior to the course. All of the prerequisite courses can be completed online.

I hope to see many of you attend the course. See you there...

Col Shelly J Norman, CAP
Washington Wing Commander
(C) 360.520.4795
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Alaska Airlines 2020 Aviation Day
Saturday, 02 MAY 2020

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day

2 May

Deadline: TBA

Sea-Tac Airport, WA

This FREE event is aimed at inspiring aviation dreams in the youth of Puget Sound communities. Aviation Day will provide the opportunity for young adults to learn about different paths in the aviation industry and education possibilities for a successful career.
Individual CAP Units must register to participate, contact your unit’s POC for this project to participate (or let your unit commander know you’d like your unit to register.)
---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
2020 Alaska Wing Summer Encampment 13-20 JUN 2020

2020 Alaska Wing Summer Encampment

13 - 20 Jun

(cadre start 10 Jun)

Cadre Applications:

15 Jan

Opens: 20 Jan

Deadline: N/A

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Anchorage, AK

Alaska Wing is hosting its own summer encampment this year, including an Advanced Training Flight!

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Cascade Falcon XXV Encampment 28-27 JUN 2020

Cascade Falcon XXV

28 Jun - 4 Jul

(cadre start 25 Jun)

Cadre Applications:
Deadline: 15 Jan

Opens: 1 Mar

Deadline: 15 Apr

Camp Casey

Coupeville, WA

The purpose of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop

leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers,

commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character.

Encampment is a prerequisite for the Billy Mitchell Award, and is the #1 most-attended activity in Civil Air Patrol.

Cadre Applications are now open.
Info can be found on the encampment website.
Student Registration Will Open in March 2020

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------          --
FEMA Region 10 Youth Preparedness Class

FEMA Region 10 Youth Preparedness Camp

July 2020

*Deadline: 19 Jan*

Anchorage, AK

FEMA Region 10 is seeking forty (40) high-school aged youth representing Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to attend a Youth Preparedness Camp near Anchorage, Alaska in July 2020. This will be an engaging and empowering way for teens to learn about and practice emergency preparedness. There will also be a variety of exciting leadership opportunities, team building, and of course, traditional camp activities to ensure a fun week for all.

---- -- --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------       -  --
Desert Eagle XVII Flight Academy
14-25 JUL 2020

Desert Eagle XVI Flight Academy

14 - 25 July

On-Time: 15 Jan

Late: Ongoing

Camp Boucher
Ephrata, WA 

Desert Eagle Flight Academy will be a full fledged National Flight Academy (NFA) this year!
Do you want to take the first step in becoming a pilot? Aspiring pilots receive formal ground instruction and cockpit time with a certified flight instructor. Many cadets even solo at the academy! Both glider and powered tracks are available.

Desert Eagle XVII Flight Academy
Camp Boucher - Ephrata, WA (EPH)
Staff: 13 - 25 July 2020     Students: 14 - 25 July 2020
Ground School (Optional Add-On Class: 25 - 28 July 2020

Desert Eagle is now a National Flight Academy!
Applications are currently open for all cadets, nationwide.

Through the eServices Activity Application Module

2020 Flight Academy Information - Ops Plan
Pre-Solo Glider students will receive approximately 22 ground tow and 
8 aero tow instructional flights.
Solo Glider Students will receive approximately 15 aero flights or 
6 hours of flight time.
Powered students will receive approximately 10 hours of 
flight training.

All students will be notified of selection per the information 
on the NCSA website. Selected students must submit a $100 deposit by the end of March and the remaining $700 by the 
end of April. 

The total cost for Pre-Solo (Basic) Glider Students is $800
The Total cost for Solo (Advanced) Glider Students is $800
The total cost for Power Students is $800
The cost for the add-on Ground School is $350

We don’t want finances to hold anyone back, ask your Unit Commander for support. Many units have funds to support members for training. Your wing may also have scholarship money donated by organizations and individuals. Ask your Commander for details. 

On-Time Application Deadline: 15 Jan
(Late applications are still accepted with a lower slotting priority.)
Initial Student selection and notification: 1 Mar
Initial deposit due: 31 Mar.
Final payments and scholarship funds due: 30 April.
------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -
Mountain Eagle 2020 Encampment
18-25 JUL 2020

Mountain Eagle 2020


18-25 July

Cadre Applications:

Open, See Website

Opens: TBA

Deadline: TBA

Gowen Field ANG

Boise, ID

Cadre Applications are now open.

------   --------------------------------------------    --     --------- - - ---------       --------   -  --   - -