You're Invited to Arlington Composite Squadron's In-Person Meeting
Meeting Announcement
You're Invited to Arlington Composite Squadron's Meeting
Meeting Description:
WHEN: Thursday, December 22, 2022 ⋅ 6:00 – 8:00 pm

WHERE: Armed Forces Reserve Center, 13613 40th Avenue NE, Marysville, WA 98271

Welcome to February!!

I hope everyone is doing good and that you are staying warm during this little cold snap that we are receiving.

This week's meeting will consist of Character Development, Cadet Classes and Drill. Those who have not completed the wingman course will complete that during Character Development.

The UOD will be Dress Blues. Please make sure your uniform is in tip top condition.

Please remember to bring classroom materials. Pen and Paper.

This week we will not be having safety as we will be preparing for next week's safety down day. 100% compliance is needed from all members.

If anyone is needing a drill test please forward it up your chain so that we can make sure we get that completed for you.

If you have any questions please send it up your chain of command. 

1st Lt Rodney Greenwood
Arlington Composite Squadron Commander
Emergency Services Officer
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary





Greetings Washington Wing,

Registration for units has been extended to the 14th of January at midnight. If your unit is interested in competing this year, please go to this link and register before that time:

The other need we still have is for activity staff. I am still in need of the following:
DFAC Officer - SM Only
Scorekeeper - SM Only
Judges (x7) - SM with strong knowledge of cadet programs, uniform wear, drill and ceremonies. Phase IV cadets are welcome to apply as well.
DFAC Team (x2) - C/SSgt or above

Please send in an email of intent at minimum if you would like to serve in one of these positions. Judges are absolutely critical to the successful execution of this activity, so if you are someone who could perform this role - don't hesitate to apply. You will receive specific directions on how to judge your assigned events, and we will happily support any training needs you have to be successful.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.

1st Lt Kieran Ratayczak
Washington Wing Cadet Competition Director
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary




Emergency Services Courses

To: WAWG Members interested in Emergency Services.
Subject: NESA Virtual Courses

The Pacific Coast Region is putting on several coursed related to Emergency Services and needed for various CAP qualifications. The courses and dates are below:

Jan 20-22 ICS-300
Mar 11-12 ICS-400
May 16-18 ICS-300
May 23-24 ICS-300
July 9 and 16 G-191
Sept 22-24 G-2300
Nov 18-19 ICS-400

All courses are virtual and at least some have prerequisites. Direct any questions about any of these courses to Col Carol Lynn, CAP at 702-419-4680 or . If you wish to apply for any of these courses, contact Bill Gibbs, Lt Col, CAP at and he will send an application to you.

 Training Leaders of Cadets Basic Course 4 Feb 2023 Virtual (and possible hybrid in Seattle) 

Need some TLC to start 2023? Are you expired, does your unit need to meet the requirements for the quality cadet unit award or your next inspection or do you want to know more to be a better leader of cadets? This course is for you!

Please have a look at the attached flyer for all the info and the registration link.

NOTE: if you are in the Seattle area and prefer your training with others we are looking to host a hybrid option to attend at the Seattle Complete Squadron (Subject to change, you should be prepared to attend from home)

Direct any questions to me, class size is limited by National HQ, so register today, registration and final go/no go on the hybrid option will be made on Jan 31st

Lt Col Tim Kelley




 Cascade Falcon XXVI Executive Cadre Opening  

1. Cadet Cadre applications for Executive Cadre positions at Cascade Falcon XXVI are now open. Please note application deadlines and selection announcements below. Please pay attention to the dates for submittal. Pre-Encampment for Cadre is 29 June-1 July 2023, Students will arrive for Encampment 2-9 July 2023 at Camp Rilea, Or.

2. Applications for Executive Cadre positions closes at 2000hrs on 28 January 2023.

This year’s application process for executive cadre will include review of your Cover letter and CAP resume. The following executive cadre positions are available to all qualifying cadets to include those that have held these positions previously. Announcement for all other positions will be released in February.

a. Cadet Commander (C/Maj and above)

b. Cadet Encampment Command Chief (C/CMSgt)

c. Cadet Support Flight Commander (C/Capt and above)

d. Cadet Operations Group Commander (C/Capt and above)

e. Cadet Plans and Curriculum Officer (C/Capt and above)

f. Cadet Chief of Standards and Evaluations (C/Capt and above)

g. Cadet Squadron Commander (C/Capt and above) (four Basic encampment squadrons and one Advanced Training Squadron)

3. Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to

a. Your cover letter should address what positions you are applying for, why you want the position, and what you hope to take away from your experience on the Cadet Cadre at Cascade Falcon. Do not send a link, send only as attachments. Basic samples are available if requested.

4. Position Descriptions:

a. Cadet Commander – Works directly for the Commandant of Cadets. The Cadet Commander is responsible for mentoring, growing and leading all Cadet Cadre, through the cadet chain of command, in order to train the basic encampment students to the national encampment and Cascade Falcon standards to 100% graduation.

b. Cadet Encampment Command Chief – Works directly for the Cadet Encampment Commander. The Cadet Encampment Command Chief is directly responsible for the Cadet Student’s morale, safety and training. The C/CCC mentors the squadron first sergeants in order to ensure consistent standards are being met and the Encampment Commanders training objectives are consistent across all squadrons. The C/CCC is always the visible example and epitome of both a C/Chief Master Sergeant and a C/First Sergeant.

c. Cadet Mission Support Flight Commander – The C/MSF/CC is responsible for coordinating, controlling, and directing the support activities of the encampment. The C/MSF/CC manages and leads the support Cadre OICs/NCOICs. The C/MSF/CC reports to the C/CC but is mentored by and works closely with the Encampment Senior Member department heads.

d. Cadet Curriculum & Plans Officer – Working with the cadet command team and the Senior Member Curriculum and Plans Officer, the C/XP partners with his/her SM counterpart to plan and schedule encampment classes and activities. The C/XP coordinates instructors, locations, and materials required for the encampment curriculum. This position requires advanced initiative, problem solving, creativity, and knowledge of encampment operations. The C/XP reports to the C/CC but also works directly with the Senior XP to create a practical, challenging, informative, engaging, and fun curriculum.

e. Cadet Chief of Standards and Evaluations – The Encampment Chief of Standards and Evaluations will work directly for the Cadet Encampment Commander in order to provide measurement and metric of the adherences of the encampment goals, training standard, and performance. The CCV will provide standardized methods of measurement for the encampment student’s and will provide the Encampment Commander and the C/OG/CC with a rubric of how well the Squadron and Flight staffs are training the students as well as how well the students are performing their assigned training mission.

f. Cadet Squadron Commander – The Squadron Commanders report to the Cadet Operations Group Commander. The Squadron Commanders are responsible for the coordination, control, and direction of the encampment program within their squadron. Squadron CC’s are responsible for the training, safety, discipline, and efficiency of their assigned students, and accomplish this charge by working through subordinate cadre members. Advanced training squadron commander will report to the ATS director.

5. Please contact the Cascade Falcon XXVI Commandant of Cadets, Lt Col Robert Siau, with any questions at


 Aerial Photographer Class
07 JAN 2023
All Wing Aircrew,
There will be a class for Airborne Photography coming up in 3 weeks.

When: 07 JAN 2023
Check Rides: TBD (subsequent weekends to be determined)
Where: Seattle Flight Service Station, 6526 Ellis Ave S, Seattle WA
Instructor: Capt Carl Wiley, CAP, WAWG Airborne Photography Training Officer

Recurrent training available 01 JAN - 31 OCT 2023.

Deadline to register: 03 JAN, 2023

Contact me at to register.

Class will start at 0800. Saturday will be a full day of classroom training for initial AP qualifications.

General Emergency Services (GES) qualification
Age 18 or older
Mission Scanner (MS) qualification

Capt Carl Wiley
PCR/WAWG Program Officer for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Aerial Photographer Training Officer
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary


 HAB Launch is GO 
Heads up! (literally)

According to our HAB Challenge Project Director, Capt Bob Roberts, we are a “go” for launch for Saturday! The weather is looking very nice as we move closer to Saturday (low winds, good temp, low precipitation %). Hopefully all will remain in this status!

The launch event will start live-streaming at 1030 ET from Capt Roberts’s Aerospace YouTube channel.
The direct streaming link is

Each team will be notified on which balloon your capsules will be launched so you can track your team’s balloon during the event.
Attending virtually from the FLWG will be Col Joe Kittinger, our HAB Challenge Ambassador.

Lt Col Russell Garlow
Arlington Squadron AEO
Assistant DAE, Washington Wing
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
(C) 425-309-2113


 Measure the ROI OF YOU

Measuring ROI is an understandably daunting, yet necessary, task as the scope of a government affairs team’s work spans across a diverse body of stakeholders, government officials, and beyond.

That’s why we’re excited to virtually host ~400 clients and friends at our live webinar on strategies and best practices to quantify and demonstrate state government affairs impact.

Join us this week for 45 minutes to learn about:6 strategies to measure ROI
Peer-proven best practices and examples
Ways to define informative and actionable metrics

One Thomas Circle NW, 6th Floor
Washington District of Columbia 20005



 2022 National Conference 

Greetings CAP Member,

  • Don’t forget to consider these high-powered pre-conference sessions (priced at a low $20 per one-day workshop). Highlights include:
  1. G-1000 Workshop (Wednesday)
  2. Health Services Officer Workshop (Thursday)
  3. Volunteer University Basic Instructor Course (Thursday)

Help Make “The Hangar” Your Own

The Hangar isn’t just the place where we’ll have sponsor tables, discovery sessions, and office hours with NHQ staff.

  • It’s also a place where you can show off your unit. Bring your unit patch and pin it to our Patch Wall. Let’s see how many units and wings we can represent  on the wall. Afterward, the patches will be donated to the CAP Historian for inclusion in CAP’s official collection. What a wonderful way to share your love for your unit.
  • It’s a place to relax and play a game. We’ll have several games for your enjoyment. Play a round of checkers or chess, enjoy a round of gin rummy with our “giant” card deck, have a go with our corn hole set, or enjoy some of our  other games.
  • Have a seat and catch up with friends and colleagues. We’ll have some free tables and high-tops so you can have an impromptu conversation or meeting among the “Hangar buzz.”

Click here to go to the National Conference Registration site for 

more information on how to register.

CAP National Staff




FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum
December 10, 2022 | Phoenix
FAPA Pilot Job Fair & Future Pilot Forum
See all event details:
FAPA Pilot Job Fairs
FAPA Future Pilot Forums



During last year’s Hurricane Ida event, hundreds of CAP members were able to support the response by taking part in crowdsourced imagery-based damage assessments for FEMA. Over the past several months, FEMA and the CAP Geospatial Team have updated the Damage Assessment tool that will be used this year, and the training associated with it from the lessons learned.

If you are interested in supporting similar events again this year, you will need to complete the required training. It involves 4 modules and will take between 2 - 6 hours to complete. Beyond the basic knowledge-based lessons and quizzes, you will need to conduct practice assessments and be graded against them using the actual tool.

All CAP members can sign up. If you complete the training, you can be involved in supporting a disaster response (hurricane, fires, tornadoes, floods, etc.) if called upon to help.

To sign up, please click on the following link: Geospatial Damage Assessments Training | FEMA Geospatial Resource Center

If you do not already have an account you will need to create one. Please only submit one account request. It may take a day to receive your login information, so please be patient. If you do not receive your login after a day or two, please e-mail for assistance.

Once you've completed the first 3 modules, it may take some time before the damage assessment module is sent to you. After completing the assessments and passing, a final completion email will be sent.

For additional training, please consider joining the CAP Geospatial Community of Interest (COI), on the National homepage (link). You will be added to the COI and can ask questions in the FEMA Damage Assessment Training channel and can collaborate your peers. It will also be where all major disaster damage assessment responses will be conducted from.

Very Respectfully,

Maj Khoi Duong, CAP
Emergency Services Officer, Washington Wing
(C) 206-579-2119
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary