Thursday 09 JUL 20 
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 AE Current Events and PT 

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 AE Current Events and PT 

Thursday Jul 9, 2020 6 pm – 7:15 pm Pacific Time
UPDATE on 3/14/2020: 
As ordered per ICL 20-02 in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Civil Air Patrol is suspending cadet activities, including weekly squadron meetings.  Until further notice, Arlington Composite Squadron 
will not be holding in-person meetings.  

Please watch your email for further information, 
virtual meeting opportunities and general updates.  
Stay Safe!  -Maj Wittenberg

Once we are back to our in-person meetings; our meeting Location will resume at: 
Armed Forces Reserve Center 
13613 40th Avenue NE,  Marysville, WA  98271

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Major Thomas Wittenberg, CAP
Squadron Commander
Arlington Composite Squadron

With all the news headlines, I'm sure you are all aware of the current environment of unrest crossing the nation. As a 
result of this, and until further notice, I want to temporarily restrict the wear of certain CAP uniforms; Blues, BDUs, 
ABUs or Flight suits. Wearing of the polo and gray pants 
may be the best solution for any upcoming missions,
including COVID-19 missions. Cadets who have no other uniforms can wear black shirts and khkis or jeans. 

Your safety is of my utmost concern, and I don't want our important work with mission support to be hampered

because of public unrest. Thanks for all you do and for your cooperation in thismatter. Safety is the primary concern for this action. 

Col Shelly J Norman, 
CAP Washington Wing Commander
 (C) 360.520.4795
 U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Last July the National Commander announced an initiative to improve the Aircrew Professionalism of all CAP Aircrews. 
 Part of that initiative is the requirement of all CAP Aircrews must complete the Online Aircrew Professionalism training available in the AXIS Training Program available in eServices. To date only 57% of the WAWG pilots and aircrew have completed this training leaving a significant number of pilots and aircrew that still need to get this training completed. Failure to complete this training will result in CAPNHQ removing your aircrew qualifications until you have 
completed the training. Time is running out and so if you 
have not already completed the Aircrew Professionalism Training please login to eServices and complete the training before you find your aircrew qualifications revoked by CAPNHQ

The Aircrew Professionalism training can be found once you login to eServices > Online Learning > Learning Management System > Go To AXIS >. If you cannot find the "Aircrew Professionalism" course on the AXIS opening page type Aircrew Professionalism in the search box and complete the required training.

Please do not delay getting this training completed.

Lt Col Patrick Courtney, CAP
WAWG Director of Operations
(C) 425.785.9836

WAWG AFA Cyber Security
 Important dates for future CyberSecurity opportunities: 

CyberCamp - Summer 2020 - a WAWG AFA CyberCamp will
be organized for the end of July, and for similar prices as this year (Full-time Student Cadets $310, Off-site Student Cadets $130, Staff Cadets & SM $170). Note that we might need to
make some price adjustments depending on the hotel quotes of summer 2020. Camp will be opened to cadets and senior members interested in learning about cybersecurity and/or to start or join a team in their units. So plan your budget and
your schedule in advance to be able to attend.

I would like to thank everyone who helped organizing this camp and/or who volunteered to come and help, and
especially to those who registered to our first attempt to
doing a cybercamp in Washington.

I apologize for the inconveniences that this cancellation 
might cause you,and I look forward to working with you in
the near future.

Best regards,
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education
Washington All Mission Academy -Aerospace Education Officer
Washington Wing CyberCamp Director

 Kenneth W. "K3" Sturgill 
 PJOC/APJOC Scholarship 

Kenneth W. "K3" Sturgill Memorial PJOC/APJOC Scholarship

Opens: 1 Jan

*Deadline: 31 Jan*

In memory of their son, Ken “K3” Sturgill, Lt Cols Tammy and Ken Sturgill would like to sponsor two cadets for the 2020 Civil Air Patrol Pararescue & Survival Orientation Course (PJOC) or Advanced Pararescue & Survival Orientation Course (APJOC) at either Davis-Monthan or Kirtland AFB.

More information can be found at:


National Cadet Special Activities Website

Washington Wing Cadet Events 
& Opportunities

CAP/Vanguard Uniform
 Please visit the following link:

 Almost every CAP qualification you may want to obtain 
requires that you complete the Introductory Communication Users Training (ICUT) classes following by a face to face 
skills evaluation. 
Some of you have already completed this training. For 
those that have not…..While you are at home waiting out the virus issue is a goodtime to complete these on line classes. 

I've listed the required classes and how to find them below: 
1. Log onto eServices 
2. Under the “Online Learning” tab click on “Learning Management System (LMS)" 
3. On the LMS main Page click on “Go to AXIS” 
4. Click on the “COURSE CATALOG” tab 
5. Scroll down to find the " Introductory Communications 
User Course (ICUT).” 
6. You may have to click on the “Enroll” icon to get started. 

The courses & quizzes you will need to complete on line are: 
 The course is made up of 3 sections: OP1, T1, and OP2. 

 OP1 consists of these 5 modules: 
OP1 Lesson 1 Video, OP1 Lesson 1 Review Quiz, 
OP1 Lesson 2 Video, OP1 Lesson 2 Review Quiz, 
OP1 Completion Test 
 OP2 consists of these 4 modules
OP2 Lesson 1 Video, OP2 Lesson 1 Review Quiz 
OP2 Lesson 2 Video, OP2 Lesson 2 Review Quiz 
 T1 consists of these 12 modules: 
T1 Lesson 1 Video, T1 Lesson 1 Quiz,T1 Lesson 2 Video, 
T1 Lesson 2 Quiz, T1 Lesson 3 Video, T1 Lesson 1 Quiz, 
T1 Lesson 4 Video, T1 Lesson 4 Quiz, T1 Lesson 5 Video, 
T1 Lesson 5 Quiz, T1 Lesson 6 Video, T1 Lesson 6 Quiz 

After you have completed all of these let me know by email 
and we can schedule to skills evaluation where we will have
 you demonstrate proper basic operation of a CAP radio. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:
Michael Talley Major, CAP 
Arlington Squadron Communications Officer 


Recruiting companies have the option of offering 15 minute 
one-on-one sessions which will take place on the same day 
or on a future date. Recruiters control the available slots or choose to reach out to candidates who have submitted a resume. The choice is up to them.

You MUST upload a resume which all recruiters will be able
 to view in order to receive the meeting code and password
 for the event. You will receive further details upon 

The FAPA Crew remains intact and available to FAPA 
members in staying focused on career goals since 1972. 
Please take advantage of the airline recruiters' contact information, available sessions and continued interest in furthering your career goals. This too shall pass. 

FAPA Future Pilot Forums offer free career seminars about pathways to a professional pilot career.

Our mailing address is: 
1175 American Pacific Drive, Suite F 
Henderson, NV 89074

18 JUN 20 
Civil Air Patrol's response 
missions reach 'epic levels, continue to grow every day' 
For the last few weeks we have discussed the civil unrest 
that has broken out across the United States and what we 
in Civil Air Patrol can do to make a positive difference in ourselves and in our great organization. Our efforts in this 
vital area will continue, and I will work with our senior
 leaders on specific actions we will take to help move the organization forward. 

Our very long journey on this path called COVID-19 
continues, though I find it encouraging to see how much progress we have made in moving forward from our
 Phase 0 levels of restrictions. As of this morning, seven 
wings have already moved into Phase II and 22 wings are
 in Phase I. Plans from several more wings are under evaluation for movement into Phases I and II. 

In the meantime, your actions in support of our
 communities, states, and nation have reached epic levels 
and continue to grow every day. In Civil Air Patrol’s largest campaign since World War II, you have contributed over
 19,000 volunteer days. You have delivered some 4.2 million meals, 1.5 million masks, 556,000 pounds of bulk food, and done so much, much more on 2,224 ground sorties and 585 
air sorties. On top of that you are innovatively engaged in doing the business of Civil Air Patrol. You are plugged in virtually, training, educating, and advancing. You amaze
 me and inspire me! Thank you for your wonderful contributions and dedication to this great organization. 

I believe that the peak of the pandemic is behind us, but 
that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods or we can
 quickly get back to the way things were before March. The recovery will be slow, there will be spikes in numbers of infections in parts of the country, and we very well may live with some levels of restrictions until an effective vaccine is available and widely administered. In the meantime,
 continue to exercise wise safeguards. Taking care of yourselves will help you to take care of your loved ones
 and allow you to make a difference in your communities, states, and our nation. 

Thank you. Please be well, be safe, and be strong. 

Maj. Gen. Mark Smith 
National Commander/CEO

Washington Wing is hosting and conducting a two-day 
Virtual Training Leaders of Cadets - Intermediate (TLC-I) on 
09-July and 11-July 2020. Online classes will be held at the following times - Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 

09-July: 1800-2030 (6 PM to 8:30 PM) 
11-July: 0800-1230 (8 AM to 12:30 PM) 

• Eligibility: Senior Members who have completed Level I. 

• Squadron Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets, 
Senior Members enrolled in the cadet programs specialty
 track, and graduates of the TLC Basic Course preferred. 

Please complete and submit a CAPF-17 and email to:
 Capt Alex Lepeska: 

Instructions for connecting to the course will be provided 
when the registration is received and accepted. Members 
from outside Washington Wing are welcome and encouraged
 to attend. Approval must be received from your Unit Commander and Wing Commander
 (for out-of-state applicants). 

A CAPF 17 is attached for your convenience. 

REGISTRATION DEADLINE  03-July-2020, 2359 (11:59PM) 

Capt Alex Lepeska, CAP 
Green River Composite Squadron, PCR-WA-002 
Squadron Commander 
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary 

2020-2021 TERM

I'm pleased to announce that applications are open for the 
Cadet Advisory Council's 2020-2021 Term. 

The WAWG Cadet Programs Team manages a single 
application process for all cadets who want to represent 
the cadets of their Unit, Group, or Wing on a CAC. 

The annual application window is from 1 - 31 July, for 
positions in the upcoming term, which runs from 
1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021. 

Applications will then be sent to the appropriate 
commanders during a rolling selection window

Our goal is to make CAC appointments as easy as possible
 for cadets and commanders, and to have the councils organized and ready for a strong start to the term. 

Cadets, this is your best chance to raise your hand, raise 
your voice, and help build, influence, and improve your 
program at a higher level! 

Read more and apply today at:

Thank you all, and best of luck with your applications. 

Very Respectfully, 
Maj John Hughes, CAP 
WA Wing Director of Cadet Programs 
(C) 425.281.6611 
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary 

20-24 JULY 2020 
The Washington Wing signed up for two more FREE online
 AFA CyberCamps for summer 2020: 

20-24 July 2020 - Free Online Standard and Advanced AFA CyberCamps - up to 25 cadets per camp, open to all WAWG cadets (Curry achievement and above) with online instruction through WAWG - Google classroom created by WAWG 
cadets & SM instructors, with the collaboration of non-CAP computer specialists 

Cadets must at least have their CURRY ACHIEVEMENT completed prior to attending their camp.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 12 JULY 2020 at 23:59 or 
11:59 pm Pacific Time.
The 45 FIRST CADETS to register by 1 JULY 2020 at 23:59 or 11:59 pm Pacific Time will get FREE access to the CyberStart Game (valued at $150), a cyber security educational game available to us for the whole summer break thanks to the 
JROTC programs.

There will be 2 AFA Cybercamps held ONLINE, one standard camp in the morning and one advanced camp in the 
afternoon. You should plan for 4 to 5 hours per day for 5 
days. The camps will be taught by WAWG instructors 
(cadets NCO & officers, senior members and computer/cyber security specialists) in a Google Classroom environment 
using Google Meet for remote interaction. One of our special guest instructor is US Air Force Captain Paul Lucero, a 
military cyber specialist presently instructing at the US 
AFROTC program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Standard level camp does only require students to have 
some experience working on a computer for school to make sure they are comfortable navigating around in it.

Advanced level camp has prerequisite experience or 
knowledge needed since this camp expects students to 
have done the Standard level camp first, and it goes at a
 faster pace than the standard one: 
Having actively participated in at least one AFA CyberPatriot season; and/or 
Having actively participated in at least one AFA CyberCamp; and/or 
Having actively participated in at least one CAP Cyber
 Academy; and/or 
Having had prior cyber security training; and/or 
Having prior system administration knowledge; and/or 
Being a high-school student, or entering high-school in Fall 2020, who feels comfortable with computers, and who feels ready to be challenged. 
All advanced cadets will specify their computer experience in the designated section of the registration form. 
Standard camp - Instruction & practices starting at 08:00 
sharp until 12:00, followed by Q&A and guest speakers from 12:00
 to 13:00; Advanced cadets are welcome to attend that last hour. 
Advanced camp - Instruction & practices starting at 13:00 sharp
 until 17:00, followed by Q&A and guest speakers from 17:00 to 18:00; Standard cadets are welcome to reconnect to attend that 
last hour. 
Note 1: Friday for both camps will include a 3 hour long AFA CyberPatriot-like mini-competition. 
Note 2: Participation in both camps will require the request
 of a waiver justifying the ability to follow the program of
 both camps in the same week. 

Check if the computer to use during the camp complies 
with the AFA CyberPatriot technical specifications: 
We are working on setting up some Virtual Machines for those few cadets whose computers do not comply, but our budget is small so we will have a limited amount of slots available. 

We are working on setting up some Cloud Computing Virtual Machines for those few cadets whose computers do not 
comply, but our budget is small so we will have limited slots. Students needing to access through Cloud Computing will temporarily be placed on a waiting list until confirmation of 
the set up of this option. More information to come. 

For waiver request, or if you encounter any problem during 
the camp [DO NOT CONTACT the AFA] please contact WAWG CyberPatriot coordinators and AFA CyberCamp directors: 

Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik at
C/ Maj Bradley Gorham at

If you want to attend one of our FREE AFA CyberCamps organized for the week of 20-24 July 2020, register by filling
 the Google Form available at:

Best regards, 
Dr. Sylvie Giral Kacmarcik, Major, CAP 
Washington Wing - Director of Aerospace Education 
Washington All Mission Academy - 
Aerospace Education Officer 
Washington Wing - CyberPatriot Coordinator 
(C) 206.356.8500 
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 Virtual HMRS 
Program! With over 450 interested CAP members we are 
excited to be able to offer both our BASIC and ADVANCED Ranger Academic Curriculum completely online via Zoom and Google Classroom platforms! We are currently finalizing our schedule and posting our material online for access. In the coming days, you will receive an invitation and instructions to Google Classroom which will allow you to view all our course material as well as the schedule for online sessions. We have a jam-packed schedule of virtual classes lined up to allow live presentation and Q&A as able. These classes are "come and go as you please" and will require no further registration to attend the virtual sessions. Classes will be held in 6 blocks between 
1000-2100 EDT to accommodate, the best we can, all time
 zones in the US. A detailed schedule with times and links 
will be shared with all registered participants and kept up 
to date on the Google Classroom platform. A tentative
 schedule is as follows: 

Hawk Mountain Ranger School 2020 - Virtual Training Schedule (Tentative)
Saturday, 11 July 2020, Sunday, 12 July 2020 
Monday, 13 July 2020 
Saturday, 11 July 2020 
Introduction to HMRS, Introduction to SAR, 
Introduction to Search Theory, Briefings and Rehearsals, 
Land Navigation Section I, Basic Wilderness First Aid*
Sunday, 12 July 2020 
Crash Site Security, Basic Knots, SAR Resources,
K9 Search Ops, Land Navigation Section II, 
Basic Wilderness First Aid*
Monday, 13 July 2020 
Ranger Health and Medical, Field Sanitation and Hygiene, 
Bloodborne Pathogens for SAR, Physiology and Fitness, 
Land Navigation Section III, Basic Wilderness First Aid*

Tuesday, 14 July 2020, Wednesday, 15 July 2020, 
Thursday, 16 July 2020
Tuesday, 14 July 2020 
Personal Equipment,Team Equipment, 
Basic Communications, Air to Ground Signaling, 
Land Navigation Section IV, Basic Wilderness First Aid*
Wednesday, 15 July 2020 
Basics of Wilderness Survival, Psychology of Survival, 
Basic Fire Building, Cutting Tools, 
Land Navigation Section V, Ropes & Advanced Knots
Thursday, 16 July 2020 
ICS and NIMS, Search Techniques and Clue Recognition, 
Vehicle Inspection, ELT Fundamentals, 
Helicopter and LZ Ops, Lost Person Behavior & Psychology

Friday, 17 July 2020, Saturday, 18 July 2020, 
Sunday, 19 July 2020 
Friday, 17 July 2020 
Applying Aeronavigation to SAR, Intro to Tracking, 
Modern Technology in SAR, Legal and Ethical Aspects of SAR
Saturday, 18 July 2020 
Q&A with HMRS Cadet Staff, Basic Wilderness First Aid*
Sunday, 19 July 2020 
Basic Wilderness First Aid*

Those who signed up for other programs such as BWFA 
and ICS courses will be contacted separately with further information for those classes.

Thank you for your continued interest and we will continue
 to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information as 
we close in on our 2020 Virtual Ranger School! 
 We encourage you to also follow our Facebook ( for daily online 
content and updates! 

Rodney Greenwood, 1st Lt, CAP 
Deputy Commander for Cadets 
Arlington Composite Squadron 
(C) 425-435-7690 
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

I have attached a great opportunity to receive free online 
flight ground school training. The classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 1700-2000 running 
from July 20th until August 14th 2020. 

If you are at all interested in flying this would be a great way
 to get started and get your ground school training completed. This is not a CAP event 

Hopefully some of you will take on this opportunity and 
check out the link for more details. 

Rodney Greenwood, 1st Lt, CAP 
Deputy Commander for Cadets 
Arlington Composite Squadron 
(C) 425-435-7690 
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary