Learning Labs


You can review a copy of the slides here

ALL MEMBERS are welcome and encouraged to participate 
in our Learning Labs and Wednesday/Saturday meetings. 
The more we coordinate, the better! See etiquette . 

Commanders: Consider asking a unit member to attend in 
your place if you are not available! 

Wing HQ is located at:
 1155 Barnes Blvd, McChord AFB, WA 98438

Use your computer to join the call: www.uberconference.com/wawgtelecon
Dial in number: 253-777-4758
PIN: 87984 

Wednesdays (weekly)

Many volunteers arrive by late afternoon.
Most volunteers take a dinner break at 1700.

1815-1830 - Learning Lab - Webinar & Call-In

We regularly host a 15-minute web-enabled training (or "Learning Lab") for all members at 1815 hrs, in advance of 
the regular 1830 call. Submit your request for a topic here.
1830-1930 - Wing Staff Meeting - Webinar & Call-In 

Call-in/webinar/meeting for Wing Staff, Group Commanders, and Squadron Commanders at 1830 hours. 


*Meeting Etiquette Please identify yourself in UberConference 
so we know who is calling in. We take roll call, so this helps us proceed through the boring stuff more quickly!

Even if you use your phone to call in (instead of your PC), we suggest viewing the presentation online. We often screen share during the Learning Lab and Meeting.

Please mute your line until you are ready to speak. We often record our calls. Shuffling papers are not an awesome soundtrack...and to be honest, every time you make noise, your meeting icon changes in UberConference and tells on you. We can mute you from our side if we have to, but then you might not know to unmute yourself later. 

Please avoid using speakerphone. It can cause your audio to feed back and makes it sound like aliens are landing.

Questions during the Learning Lab? Please submit them 
during the chat at any time or try to save your questions for the 
end. LL's are usually 5-10 minutes of presentation and 5-10 
minutes of questions/discussion. We always take questions.

Questions during the Staff Meeting? Please wait for the 
presenter to finish their briefing and then ask to be called on. 
For example, if you have a question for the Logistics Officer, wait 
for him to give his briefing and then say, "This is So-and-So from Podunk Composite Squadron...I have a question for our Logistics 
Officer." The meeting host will recognize you, etc.
View this info and our Saturday meeting schedule on the 

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National Social Media Analyst
Washington Wing Chief of Staff
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