Learning Labs & Meetings

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Learning Labs and Staff Meetings
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Cadet Programs - Lt Col Kathy MaxwellInformation Technology - Major Mon Boonprohm
  • Please submit equipment requests 6 to 8 weeks prior to the activity/need date.
  • Reminder: please use the IT support request portal on the Wing website. IT is considering disallowing requests via email due to the influx of SPAM into the ticket system. 
Plans and Programs - Captain Tyler Bennett
  • After Action Report Reminders - Automation 
    Project Officers who have open activity files are now receiving a weekly reminder to submit their AAR and Sign-In/Out sheets! The reminder will include the activity edit link to reduce any confusion of where to submit the documents. The emails will be sent to the Project Officer on file for that activity. Thank you to the WAWG Team for their efforts to make this happen!
    Chief of Staff - Captain Jessica Jerwa
    • Vehicle Fuel Levels / Mission Readiness
      This summer, we noticed a large number of Corporate Vehicles picked up for activities with:
      • incomplete inspection logs
        Please take a moment to review this training video, "How to Complete Vehicle Logs"
      • fuel levels under 3/4 and sometimes even 1/2 a tank
        There is no regulation required to be a good "Stewards of the Organization" and refuel your COV after every trip. These are not "your vehicles" or "Wing's vehicles", but "Civil Air Patrol's vehicles." You never know if another unit, activity, mission, VIP, etc., may need to use one of our vehicles.
      • miscellaneous food trash and debris, unapproved window stickers, dirty interiors and windows, etc.
        Not much to say about this, except please clean up after yourselves.
      • missing, incorrect, faded stickers/paint/parts
        Many vehicles in the Wing still need updated decals. If you have a need to replace vehicle stickers or request repairs, please submit a request.

    McChord Composite Squadron's 20-mile Road Marchers receive first-ever "Lt Col Lorraine Robertson, CAP Memorial Ice Cream Drop"

    This weekend, under Project Officer Major Michael Moore's leadership, McChord Composite Squadron repeated a bit of history and took part in a 20-mile road march! 

    Major Moore last held this activity in 2006 when then Administrative Officer, Lt Col Lorraine Robertson dropped in on the event with popsicles! Col Robertson was known for showing up at CAP activities that were being held off the beaten path...with a cooler full of ice cream! While she passed away in 2017, Washington Wing Chief of Staff, Capt Jessica Jerwa, kept her spirit alive this weekend, showing up unexpectedly and surprising everyone...with a cooler full of ice cream! (read more about McChord CS's activity on Facebook hereherehere, and here

    Capt Jerwa would like to challenge everyone to do their own "Lt Col Lorraine Robertson, CAP Memorial Ice Cream Drop"! Who doesn't love unexpected ice cream?
    AROUND THE WINGEastern GroupNorthwest GroupSouthwest Group
    The new issue of Airman Magazine, the official magazine of the United States Air Force, features an article and video on Civil Air Patrol aircrews' role as practice targets in Fertile Keynote air intercept exercises. (snagged from Civil Air Patrol's National Facebook page)
    See more headlines on CAP.news

    This week:

    • 28 August at 1815 hrs - STUDY HALL       
      No formal agenda. Whatever you have on your mind is what we'll talk about! Join us!
    STAY TUNED for upcoming Learning Lab events!
    Guest Presenter: Major Bryan Watson, GSARA Director
    Major Watson will present some stats about the great accomplishments made during this year's academy. We'll share some photos, and chat with attendees about their experience "in the field at JBLM" for a week! 
    ALL MEMBERS are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Learning Labs and Wednesday meetings. 
    Commanders: Consider asking a unit member to attend in your place if you are not available! 
    • Meetings are held each Wednesday at Wing HQ.
    • ALL members welcome. 
    • Many volunteers arrive by late afternoon.
    • Most volunteers take a dinner break at 1700.
    1815-1830 Learning Lab - Webinar & Call-In
    We host a 15-minute web-enabled training (or "Learning Lab") for all members at 1815 hrs,in advance of the regular 1830 call. 
    1830-1930 - Wing Staff Meeting - Webinar & Call-In
    For Wing Staff, Group Commanders, and Squadron Commanders. All members welcome.
    WAWG Staff Meeting - Wednesday Template (Live Slides)
    Wednesday Meeting Agenda (Google Doc)
    Join the call on the web:
    Dial-in: 253-777-4758 
    PIN: 87984 
    Email: cs@wawg.cap.gov 
    Chief of Staff's Soapbox: 

    Please view our meeting etiquette page. Click here to add this recurring meeting to your calendar, which enables reminders. Visit the Wing Calendar!

    Learning Labs: Here's what you've missed!

    21 Aug - THE SUMMER CAP EXPERIENCE!       
    We talked with Major Sid Wiggs of Fort Vancouver Squadron about the excellent Dining and Facilities program he's established at the Washington All Mission Academy at Camp Boucher. Major Michael Moore also talked with us about his favorite moments from the national conference in Baltimore.

    14 Aug - NATIONAL CONFERENCE: That's a wrap!   
    Civil Air Patrol's national conference in Baltimore is over. Colonel Shelly J. Norman, Major Michael Moore, Major Sylvie Kacmarcik, Captain Ian McFall, and Captain Jessica Jerwa were all in attendance representing Team Washington Wing! We discussed some of the major headlines and took a look at photos from the national photos.cap.gov site!